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  1. ratnikkk


    hi it’s been 9 mos since i posted an entry about me taking spironolactone and since then there was still no change of my acne condition in fact it gotten worst, i havent taken any pictures since then, ever since i had acne i don’t like taking pictures or looking at my face in the mirror. so this was my acne 9mos ago. i have been thinking constantly on ways how to get rid of it i even tried oil cleansing those youtube vids and at first i thought it was working but it didn’t it has gotten worst
  2. ratnikkk

    My Spironolactone Journey

    Hi I just want you to know i am also using this thing for my acne and so far i am liking it. So spironolactone + fs. I wont post a pic yet. But i can see difference and im happy
  3. ratnikkk

    My Spironolactone Journey

    Hi I did post something about me using doxycycline and adapalene a month before but honestly speaking it's not working for me. Ive been using doxy for almost 2months before posting that post before but as you can see on my photos they didnt even have a slightest change including the defferin. I was so discourage because at work one or two of my workmates would comment that how my acnes are getting worst or do i have an allergy everytime that happens i would always feel defensive and get mad
  4. ratnikkk

    28/F Doxycycline + adapalene

    Week 2 ended a few days ago so that means also with week 3 I am not taking doxycycline anymore sometime in the middle of week 2. So as you can see nothing much happened. But today i am starting on spironolactone.coz as they have said when everything fails maybe just maybe this is hormonal acne. I do have a very oily face. So if its in the hormones and spironolctone helps to stop or contron the over production of my oil glands so just maybe. I got sick for the past 3 days so i wasnt able to
  5. ratnikkk

    28/F Doxycycline + adapalene

    End of week1 starts of week 2
  6. ratnikkk

    28/F Doxycycline + adapalene

    Week 1 start august 24, 2017