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  1. Here I am! Sorry I have been absent...my life has been CRAZY busy. Trying to finish up my masters and working. The plus side...I have had no time to mull over accutane and any side effects! I am now on Day....47, wowza! Only 53 to go! My side effects have become quite minimal and very bearable. I still have very chapped lips, peeling/dry nose area and I get a fair number of nasty headaches. Then there is the happy stuff! My skin is the best it has EVER been. I no longer break out at all, an
  2. Hello, has anyone here tried Dr. Dan's lip balm? It contains 1% hydrocortison which my GP does not reccomend using, apparently it can thin your skin and fat stores. I would like to know if anyone else has heard this, had adverse effects, or has been using the lip balm with good results. Thanks
  3. I just went CRAZY and popped many many blackheads in my nose/cheek area. I am soooo bad, but it was so satisfying. Of course I have mean redness in this area now....hoping it will be gone by tommorow morning.
  4. I have a few new pimples today. Luckily they are quite small. One is a mini-undergrounder on the side of my nose, one little pimple above my eyebrow, and two small bumps on my lower cheek. Nothing major they are small and seem to be healing quickly. I am still peeling alot, mostly by chin and nose. The skin comes off in flakes that are oh so fun to pick at. I am learning not to touch my face because any sort of picking leaves a red mark that lasts days. My skin is so fragile. Black heads ar
  5. Hi Barb. I know the feeling of going into the bathroom and thinking "HOLY #$^! I look AWFUL" Sometimes I feel like my coworkers are wondering what on earth is happening to me. One thing that I have found useful when I have to wear makeup is to first of all wear very minimal makeup, then bring my facewash, lotion and minimal makeup to work, then during lunch do a face wash, reapply lotion and light makeup. I find that otherwise by the end of the day your makeup is literally flaking off your face
  6. Hang in there Barb! I am slightly ahead of you in my regime and definetely found that things got WORSE before better (although I may be speaking too soon). For myself I found that I had to completely stop all makeup and wear alot of moisturizer (I use Cetaphil), and continuously reapply throughout the day. This meant looking not so pleasant (I could tell my colleagues were wondering what on earth happened to me) but I had to suck it up. Short term pain for long term gain! I also got red rashes/m
  7. Thanks for your messages barb9000 and fitnessgurl, great to have your support! Day 16 So we went snowshoeing on Saturday and I wore spf 55 sunscreen (Aveeno) and it was an overcast day. I got VERY red, I am not sure if this was a sunburn or if my skin was just irritated by the cold/wind combination. The next morning it had pretty much subsided. We went downhill skiing on Sunday and I wore thicker suncreen (forget the name) spf 30 and didn't burn at all. At lunch time I went into the washroom a
  8. barb9000-I am not actually "itchy" per say. More irritable, ie. doesn't feel great to have my skin touched and it's very sensitive. My scalp, however, does get itchy now and again. Day 13 So I am finding that I am QUITE irritable these days....can I blame Accutane? hehehe. No big changes today. I got a small new pimple above my lip last night that came to fruition this morning, and two new pimples on my right cheek, practically on top of each other, lovely. My face is still red, blotchy and
  9. Urgg, I am having a bad accutane night. We went out with a nice dinner with friends and by the time we got home my makeup looked sooooo bad in combination with my peeling/broken out skin. I felt all itchy and irritated in bed and being touched by my boyfriend made me cringe because my skin is so sensitive. I've just gotten out of bed and am reading other peoples logs for some motivation to perservere....and hoping it will make me sleepy.
  10. Hey Barb9000, Good Luck to you! I am looking forward to following your progress! I 24 and have had issues with acne since a teenager and tried everything else as well! I am now on Day 11 and so far so good. There are side effects for sure(see my log) but I can put up with them in the hopes of clear skin. The initial break out is not nice....but hang in there it will get better! On the road to clear skin!!!! Yay!
  11. I have heard that Dr. Dan's lip balm is nothing short of miraculous! I ordered it online this week (pricey when you add shipping costs. so I ordered 6 tubes!) I also have dry lips normally, so I am hoping it will help! I will let you know how it goes!
  12. Oh no....hahah. Ah well guess I will have to get used to the flushed skin look! Fitnessgurl: I laughed when you commented on your boyfriends response....my boyfriend complains about the fact that I am so greasy when I get into bed, following my new shower regimen. haaha. Hard to kiss when I have vaseline plastered on my lips. I think I read somewhere here, or on another forum about putting baby oil all over your body after a shower. I tried it last night and WOW it makes for fantastically soft
  13. I have upped my water intake aswell and drinking alot of herbal teas, seems to help a bit. Today is Day 10! Time is going really quickly. I still have an annoying reddish hue to my face, looks like a mild sunburn. Does anyone else have this, how long can I excpect it to last? My nose is still peeling and makeup looks awful on me now, but I also don't want to go out with a zitty face. Ah what a predicament. I woke up with a crusty bloody nose this morning so I bought a humidifier today, and am
  14. I have spent a fair bit of time reading other peoples logs and they really helped me in making my decision to start accutane. There are so many great success stories on here, which I really needed to hear given all the negative information one finds on the internet. I am starting my own log to both share my experiences with others and track my progress. I am a 24 year old gal and have had moderate acne since I was 13. My skin cycles between ok and horrible depending on how stressed I am, but i