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  1. Just to clear the record (because Im a little confused by who updated etc) is there anyone that used the Zum lavender long term (2 weeks+) and was STILL breaking out? Thanks for being so heplful everyone. Much appreciated
  2. Xec, cleardream posted how she uses buffpuff already. its somewhere in one of these threads lol. something along the lines of slathering her face with soap and then using the bp gently.
  3. Has anyone tried the Sea salt Zum? I've been using GMS from Etsy but Ill be back in the States soon so I can finally go to Whole Foods. Right now the only acne I have is those little bumps that everyone seems to be getting, but Im hoping theyll dissapear so my main problem now is redmarks. I broke out badly before starting the GMR and my chin and cheek look pretty bad so I want to try to fade them but Im scared to try the lavender Zum cause people were breaking out from it. So the Sea salt looks
  4. BBG, if there was anyone that felt the way u seem 2 towards spikeli after trying the regimen (and u seem to be the only one that feels that way WITHOUT having tryed it...) let them speak for themselves.
  5. I picked up some GMS @ the drugstore and one of the ingredients was mineral oil. I probly dont want to put this on my face...or do I? anyone know about it?
  6. Question for anyone thats been doing this regimen: My active acne is actually pretty much under control, but i started breaking out in little (kinda hard to expln) almost like white pimples. theyre pretty little but theres a bunch of them all over my face (and i usually just break out on my chin/cheeks). It doesnt seem to me that it's the same as cleardreams "plugs", its kind of a cross between a pimple and a whitehead. Anyone else experience this? Cuz Im thinking there could be something in my
  7. So was the Canus ingredients issue ever resolved? Like, does the trial size really have different ingredients or was it an error?
  8. well it does list pallm oil as an ingredient. and vegie based glycerin which i have no clue what that would contain. but in any case i couldnt make myself use the cans knowing it has byproducts from a pig...
  9. yeah, the seller was great! shipping was fast and she included another bar of scented soap! so if this works, i would totally recommend her. btw, the drugstore by my house didnt have a canus bar, but it did have facial lotion. think that would make a difference?
  10. hey all! just thought id let you know that im jumping on the bandwagon and giving this regimen a try. im using this soap and jojoba oil. ill keep you updated on the results. lol, i cant wait to wash my face tonight!