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  1. Hi, I'm not on Dan's regimen but I would probably not do the vinegar thing while on it...It's going to dry too much I think...Yes, it's best when acne is not active...mine still is & I find it's helping (drying the active pimples as well)...but it's just me you see...I want to get rid of the red marks & scars...I don't care about the acne since B5 is doing a great job clearing it (only 2 active yukkies)...I'm not doing anything else (like BP) so I'm not worried about dry skin right now.
  2. Hi CaliforniaCA, Yes, believe me, the B5 will help...For red marks and scars, try the 50%/50% (let's say 2 tablespoon of each) mixture of apple cider vinegar & water + throw in a couple of aspirines (ASA)...it won't disolve entirely but will help exfoliate...apply this mixture with fingers or cotton balls after you have washed & dried your face, let it dry and then apply your moisterizer...You should see a difference after a couple of days...It helps by drying your active pimples, and
  3. Hi all, On day 12 too, still at 7g moving to 8g on monday...So far, so good. No cravings, peeing back to normal, BUT the best is NO MORE MAJOR BREAKOUT...only 2 little ones (pimples), easily manageable, gone in 24hrs...I found that apple cider vinegar mixed with water (50%/50%) and a couple of aspirins thrown in, receipe found in another board, is so effective on red marks and scars...unbelievable...It gently exfoliates...I've been using it regularly for 5days now, and it works miracles on m
  4. Thanks, I also thought about that so yes, I am drinking more to compensate. I am currently on day 8, moving up to 7g tomorrow. No special cravings BUT I do have to eat a little bit more now coz I am HUNGRY!!! I take a couple of little munchies in between meals, mostly fruits or veggies. I read that B5 will do that since it also burns fats so, as much as you move on with a higher dose, it burns faster and faster...do I get this correctly?
  5. Hi all, I'm on day 6 now, 5g moving up to 6g tomorrow...3newbies but I have my periods so I guess this is normal. No special cravings, except that I am a cheese freak, I had some for lunch today...Could the cheese be my problem? Anybody experiencing set backs when they eat some? Plse give me some advice...Thanks
  6. b5, like all vit b & c are hydrosoluble which means your body eliminates the excess it does not use...the key is balancing all your b's...never heard of vitamines b or c causing cancer or anything...Just don't over do it, keep it in balance...why frighten people?
  7. From what I heard, you don't have to take the full 10g to see results... I'm at 4gr now & I do see a difference...I'm working towards 10g but going one step at a time, monitering mysellf...so far, so good..aside from tne neon yellow pee, no special cravings, no hair loss, no gas..eveything is A OK...my cysts almost gone (wow, in 3 days...it usually took 2 weekso get rid of). Why should I push it???...I' m not trying to get a clear face asap...I just want to know if it works for me first...
  8. Hi, I am new to this forum and I would like to thank you all for your help. I've been reading your posts since monday and decided to start the B5 regimen. I started on Feb 17th with a 3gr dosage, b complex (100) and multivitamines...I use Spectro Gel to wash and Keracnyl (Ducray Lab/Paris) regulating cream (we don't have the Eucerin AHA here unfortunately so I tried to find something similar(PHA) but it's expensive: $20 for 40ml BUT it works !!! ). I am 40 with cystic acne (moderate) but it