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  1. Can someone help please? I started taking fish oil (3.2g) three weeks and 3 days ago. Shortly after that, I upped it to 4.2g or so. A week after I started the fish oil I added in green tea (2 x 400 mg a day). Last week my skin was starting to look really good. I had no new pimples except for a few whiteheads (which probably has to do with the fact that I only wash with water and don't exfoliate). Exactly a week ago, I upped the green tea to 3-4 caps a day and also starting drinking 3 ounces alo
  2. Just a word of caution to people who have very sensitive skin and are thinking about trying the egg white mask- I have really sensitive skin and am pretty much allergic to everything I've tried on my face before but I didn't think I would have that problem with eggs. I used the mask for four days in a row before I noticed my pores starting to clog. It was the only thing I was using on my face at the time so I'm pretty sure that's what did it. I know have a skin infection on my cheek, like a clus
  3. I've been taking Carlson's for about a week and I don't mind the taste at all, tastes pretty good actually.
  4. Wow, where did you buy your bottles from? Bodybuilding.com, not bad huh?
  5. Thanks for the help. I figured I might as well go ahead and take the same brand that's doing well for you so I ordered a few bottles. $5.49 for a bottle, not bad. Hope they come soon, can't wait to start! If nothing else, I could definitely use to feel more relaxed.
  6. So I decided to start this too. Started taking fish oil two days ago and want to add green tea. Just read all 11 pages but I'm unsure if the total amount of polyphenols matters or not. I'm not great at getting pills down so I picked up the Vitamin Shoppe brand green tea extract liquid and all it says is: Amount PerServing GREEN TEA EXTRACT (CAMELLIA SINENSIS)(LEAF)(1:1) PROVIDING A MIN. OF 150 MG OF TOTAL POLYPHENOLS 2000 Mg Anyone know if this will do the trick? Or do I need to suck i
  7. thelaststone, I have been using ZUM lavender for 5 and a half weeks now and yes I am still breaking out. It's still less than I was breaking out before ZUM otherwise I wouldn't still be sticking with it but I'm mainly breaking out on my jaw line and around my mouth and chin, places that had been acne free for me for quite a while. I actually switched to Canus a week and a half or so back because I was getting anumber of whiteheads all over and extra shine from what I believe is the ZUM and the
  8. Clear, I'm so sorry, I can sympathize with you, scars really suck. If only the gmr was found years ago before any scars had a chance to form, right? I'm not sure if It's only pale skin because my skin is more olive and the scars are still really bad. Theyre so bad that the dumb dermatologist I went to recently pointed them out and said you have a pimple here..and here..and here and I was like no genius those were pimples months ago, now theyre just scars. He looked a little confused . Anyway
  9. Clear- I love you for my buf puf, I don't remember my skin ever being this soft!! Spikeyli and Brown skin- How long did it take for your scars to start fading?
  10. Mandy- I'm curious to see how Canus will work for you. Even if I wanted to switch to Canus right now, I'd be too worried that the switch to a new product would break me out and put me back at day one! Hope it works well for you If it does, maybe I'll switch... Acnesince2006- My skin is pretty good right now. I have three small pimples almost on their way out and no new pimples unless you want to count the small bump I feel under my skin but I'm thinking I just need to start exfoliating more
  11. Mandy- I started using the zum oatmeal lavender and then switched to the plain lavender about a week later. I also stocked up on Canus just in case it turned out that it was some kind of allergic reaction I was having to the zum but my skin has since stopped breaking out like crazy so I'm sticking with zum lavender for now. I need my redmarks to disappear!! Did you switch to Canus yet? How long were you using zum for?
  12. For whoever else is using zum lavender, it seemed to be clogging my pores and I was starting to see tiny little bumps all over the place and some that turned into tiny whiteheads but I refused to switch to Canus because I need the lavender to help fade my redmarks. Instead I tried the buf puf that clear said she uses and it really seems to have helped, I have no more bumps forming. Clear-how often do you think I should use the buf puf? I don't want to do it too much because I don't want it to
  13. acnesince2006, A few days or so after I started the GMR I broke out in a bunch of pimples in places that had been pimple free for years, tons under my chin and all around my mouth. I was so desperate to get rid of them that I started putting a manuka oil+flax+honey gel on them to make them go away faster but they just seemed to stick around longer. Once I stopped with the manuka oil they began to slowly heal on their own. I think there definitely is a purging period with the GMR for some pe
  14. I've been reading this thread for a while and just thought it was time to post and let everyone know how well the gmr has worked for me. First of all I want to say thank you spikeyli and cleardream and everyone else who has helped me!!! I am 22 and have had acne since shortly after I got my period at 11. I've been to every dermatologist in my town and I've tried everything over the years..retin a, proactive, creams, lotions, everything except for accutane because I refuse to harm myself intern