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  1. alright well i had pretty severe acne for a year, then i stopped using topicals and it somehow magically just stopped, but now i havnt had acne in 5 months and i have bad redmarks. They are so ugly just all over my face, and when i get drunk my face gets super red cuz of the redmarks! talk about killing game with the ladies with that face. I've learned right now the only thing that will heal redmarks are aloe vera from plant and time. its working so far though almost gone..
  2. yo bro, your skin looks way better good job. Anyways for your 3rd pic, i see your pulling out that LS motor, haha hopefully your doing LS VTEC or something big. Get some one piece headlights too =)
  3. alright ive been smoking weed on and off for about 2 years now. I first started getting severe acne, i stopped smoking and my acne was still there, did dans regimen, and so on, a year and a half later i dont have acne and i still smoke, and what do you know? NO ACNE. weed and acne have no relation to each other!! The junk food/munchies you eat when your high, alright thats another story.. that i can understand
  4. alright everyone, whos saying to not smoke weed and blah blah blah, needs to shutup! i dont smoke a lot, but when i do it can be really relaxing, and can take the stress away from worrying about your acne all the time, and i can tell you this, acne and weed have no relation! so for everyone whos saying to stop smoking im sure you've never even taken a hit before
  5. i have to agree with alot of what eveyone is saying... i have moderate acne...and i HATE IT. Girls are girls, if i am attracted to her, and talkin to her, it shouldnt really matter if she got acne or not, lets be real yeah looks is what makes you notice a girl first but like everyone says its the personality that counts.
  6. im an asian guy, 18 with just redmarks now and couple active pimples. I was jus cruisin aroundi n the sun for no longer then lik 20 mins?! and i go home and noticed i got tanner if your on the DKR do u get tan easily?
  7. alright i went to rite aid and purchased sudden change scar zone, it sa little tube, and the labels say it contains 2 % salicylic acid, green tea, and silicone, i am currently on the DKR. On the label it says its helps with red marks and scars. cetaphil cleanser neutrogena on the spot cetaphil moisturizer, i was wondering if anyone has used this and had any success? also how would i add it to my regimen? I currently have 1 active pimple. thanks!! im trying to get rid of my red marks by summer
  8. i don't really have anymore active acne but my whole face is covered in red marks, and let me just say THE TAPING METHOD WORKS!. I don't know who maya is but this works. At first when i read this, i completely thought it was a bogus thread, but tape method + aloe vera = clear skin this is my regimen cetaphil cleanser scotch tape the whole face, neutrogena on the spot and aloe vera from the plant 90% clear
  9. i use aloe vera from the plant, and i have to say IT WORKS! my regimen. cetaphil cleanser neutrogena on the spot then aloe vera from plant. It has helped reduce my redmarks ALOT in just 1 week.
  10. alright so ive been on the DKR for about a month and a half, and can honestly say i have 1 pimple, i use to have acne all over the face, but now im stuck with SO many red marks. Ive been doing the tape peels for a bout a week now and its going alright. I need some ideas on how to get rid of red marks, sometimes when i exercise my red marks seem even bigger and nastier!! need to be clear by summer, any help is appreciated
  11. alright well im new here, been doing the DKR for about a month and a half, and can say im acne free, but have a lot of red marks, this is my regimen cetaphil, cleaner neutrogene on the spot cetaphil moisturizer. anyone have any suggestions on a good lotion or product on getting rid of redmarks? also wen i get drunk, it seems like my red marks get WAY bigger and spread and looks weird