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  1. So glad you're still seeing positive results a month post. Hooray! I'm done mid May (going for a sixth month). But I'd be willing to do a second course, too. I'd stick with 40 mg this time, as I was on 30 for part of my treatment and wasn't seeing improvement--still oily, even. Hopefully we won't have to go there, though. Happy spring!
  2. What does your dermatologist think? Excessive oil will definitely keep the pimples coming, especially as you age and your skin can't get rid of dead cells as fast (thus clogging the pores). And it sounds like your back acne is troublesome. If your acne is affecting your self esteem your doctor will weigh that against Accutane's drawbacks. I'm nearing the end of my fourth course of Accutane for different types of acne every time (I'm 43). Sometimes doctors will prescribe it for mild acne if they
  3. cool, thanx for the advice! Ive started to add a lot into my regime lately like ACV and egg-white +lemon mask....at first it seemed to help but not so much anymore What were your guys biggest success for gettin rid of red marks?
  4. Do you wear glasses or sunglasses every day? I ask because of where your bumps are. I have a condition called contact dermatitis and have trouble with bumps there even on accutane. For whatever reason Noritate and MetroGel seem to help even though they aren't specifically prescribed for it.
  5. May your tolerance by high and your side effects be low. Die, zits, die!! Hee hee. So far so good on the higher dose. See ya later, zits!
  6. Hey. My derm told me that scars heal more slowly while I'm still on accutane. So they will heal fast after we are completely done and all the drug is out of our system. As for using an acne regimen like DK's, you might want to avoid products that contain benzoil peroxide or salicylic acid because they can be really harsh while your skin is temporarily thinner. Maybe try it afterward to help maintain clear skin. I'm in month 5 too!
  7. Even though I'm about 4 months in and havent had acne in these areas at all? haha I just want it to go away! I guess I'm having a "midway breakout" instead of an IB!
  8. It's so funny what we'll put up with for clear skin. My derm upped my dose to 40 mg from 30 and my skin is so dry and fragile I can't stand to touch it. But the lingering little bumps are starting to clear. 2 more months...then I'll be joining the ranks of those who are afraid to leave this drug behind. Thanks for keeping us updated on life post-tane! Hope the red marks clear soon. INNW
  9. As for Nair: Maybe try a small patch of skin first. Burns my skin even when I'm not on accutane or recently post-accutane.
  10. Hey Platinum, Just finished reading your log. You're so positive about this process. It's like a breath of fresh air! Wish I'd found you sooner because I'm only a month behind you. Reading your log has really encouraged me. I, too, am a woman in my early 40s (43) with lifelong acne. More the bumpy/rosacea type now than cysts, really. I'm in my 5th month of this course of Accutane. But it's my 4th full course since age 22. Seems I need it every seven years, and probably will until I go through
  11. Wow. Our doses are really similar. I'll be curious to see how you do. What was the other med you were on? I'm interested in what works for other people, but isn't too hard on the body or skin year after year.
  12. Maybe switch to an oil free moisturizer if you continue to feel greasy but start to need a little moisture. Neutrogena makes a good one for sensitive skin, and I hear it's great for post-accutane skin as well. My derm insists that using moisturizer regularly helps keep our natural oil production down because then our skin doesn't feel that it has to produce so much. And therefore fewer zits in the long run. But it's hard to put it on when we've been so oily for so long! So I haven't always foll
  13. Hey Puppies8, Are you on 40 mg a day or two 40 mg pills a day (80 total)? Your side effects sometimes depend on your weight and dose. Here's what I've experienced. Hope it helps answer your question. I weigh 125 pounds and am taking 30 mg a day. This is my 4th time on Accutane in the last 21 years--age 22, 29, 35 and 42/43. Seems like every seven years or so I need it, but it's always been for different types of acne. The second two times my acne was really mild like yours, and I cleared up