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  1. Like you said, a large amount of pus inside a pimple is composed of dead white blood cells. I would say there could be a connection if you have a large amount of acne on your face. If you only have 1 or 2 pimples, I doubt your elevated WBC has anything to do with that. If you are actually worried about your WBC, you can visit an oncologist so he can tell you you're healthy
  2. Hello everyone. I'd write this in one of the many ACV threads but it's 3am and i'm annoyed. I started drinking .5tbsp ACV in my .5L water bottles adding up to about 1.5L a day. Not to much I thought. I know some people have problems with it such as increased bowel movements, bloating, not being able to stand the taste and others that I can't think of at the moment. My problem is that it's making me pee like crazy. I mean I have to pee every 20 minutes or so. And I feel like my bladder is REAL
  3. Hello everyone. I haven't been on this site in a while but I have a question for everyone. At the beginning of the summer, i switched over from Dans cleanser to the clean and clear blackhead scrub. That was working great and i saw a a big improvement. The problem comes with the BP. It works well but it doesn't make my face even near perfect. I always have a few little pimples everywhere and I don't like it. I know i'm being picky but why not. Anyway, I'll be running out of Dan's BP in a few week
  4. About two weeks ago I was looking for an exfoliant at a CVS and i only found 1 so I bought it. It was a "clean and clear Blackhead Cleaning Scrub/Exfoliant" and I started to use it as a face wash during the middle of the day in between my morning/night normal regimen. After reading a few threads about how someone loved this product, I thought of an idea. Why not use the CC Wash as my normal face wash morning and night. I figured that it was take off dry skin and open up pores. If I immediately p
  5. I know that some moisturizers clog pores. Will this do that also or has this surpassed that?
  6. Im kind of confused on what to use. Theres so many different AHA products and they seem to all work. Am i supposed to just throw out all of Dans products and just use the AH lotion and a moisturizer?
  7. Thanks Wildflower! One more question. Did you notice and do you think i will notice a dramatic difference in clean skin after i start using AHA and did you notice a difference in your face?
  8. Ok so i read about half of the pages in this thread but I have a few questions.. My skin isn't that bad but I'm thinking this stuff will really help me out, which is seems to be doing for a lot of people. My main question is if I am supposed to stop using the regimen? Do i still wash my face first and than just use the AHA lotion? Do i still use dans BP? and do I do this twice a day or only once? Thanks!
  9. I've come to see how important exfoliation can be so i went out and bought the only stuff i could really find: Clean&Clear Blackhead Clearing Scrub. - Salicydic Acid Acne Medication "Gently exfoliates to lift dirt and oil. I also saw that its good to have gentle things exfoliate you and this does have little blue beads in it so im not worried about it ripping my skin apart. I just wanted to know before i use it, if i should use it or if it will harm my face. Also, i usually wash my face twi
  10. I'm from New Jersey and next week I am going to the Dominican Republic for a week with my family. Besides some special sun-screen that my mom has that's good for your face, is there anything i should do differently? All i normally do is use the normal 3 step regimen. I went to the beach one day last weekend and i did what i normally do and i didnt break out at all so yea. thats it. thanks! haha
  11. So about a week ago I switched to using Cetaphil Gentle face wash, Dans BP and Cetaphil lotion. Both morning and night. I'm finally seeing results! For some reason, it is working much better than Dans cleaner and CeraVe lotion. As of now, i dont have one pimple on my face. Just a few red marks. Just thought I'd let you guys know. =D ALSO, i have been shaving every other day and using a gelette aftershave, then BP, and then Cetaphil lotion and i actually think that not only does it stop me from
  12. First off, is it ok to us After Shave Gel with the Regimen? I used it once before and it seemed to not effect my face. I'm just not sure if i should wait a little before using the B.P after i use the after shave? I hope you guys can answer quick cause i just used my after shave so i wanna know if i should just wait till tomorrow or in 10 minutes.
  13. my dryness isnt that bad. It's only really around my nose. No where else.. should have specified. So ill keep at it. I just had that it kinda seems like a huge chore. Some people compare it to brushing your teeth everyday but brushing your teeth isnt 3 steps that lasts 15 minutes.
  14. it doesnt feel irritated but i hate how it always feels slimey and gross. I wish it could feel like normal skin haha. All that lotion and bp on my face. I know that my acne isn't horrible, i just want it to all go away. I feel like ive been using it for years but after i started this thread and realized its only been 2 1/2 months, i was shocked. I'll keep using it though. Also, do you think my idea about using BP in the morning and retin-a micro at night would work?