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  1. Heya, Im on both Dianette and Lymecycline x
  2. When I was prescribed it my doc told me to expect 6-8 weeks befoer it start to work, and as the majority of acne meds I expect an initial breakout it likely! My adive would be to carry on, and if you have not seen results by the 2 month mark maybe return to your doctor! Good luck! x
  3. Thanks so much for your help! I didnt know that about washing, I was prescribed it by my doctor at uni and she just sent me on my way with no instructions! I was also wondering if anyone gets a film left when you use it, it shows up terribly when make up is applied too! If so does anyone know how to go about avoiding it!? Thanks again! x
  4. So I went to see the doc this morning and he explained why there were a few reasons why he did not repeat prescribe my minocycline with the dianette. Firstly because as an antibiotic it makes dianette less effective as a contraceptive, secondly becuase as Vella thought they both put a lot of strain on the liver, and thirdly he said docs are becoming more encouraged to precrible lymecycline as an alternative to mino as it tend to be more effective in more people and have less side effects. he wa
  5. I'm not really sure, maybe depends on whether antibiotics can damage the liver too because I know Dianette can and both together might be too taxing on the body. I've still not seen any improvements with my skin so ended up getting a topical antibiotic to keep using with the Dianette. I'd be interested to know what your doc says, let us know how it goes. x
  6. Im mid way through month 5 now and havent got any inflamed pimples for a few weeks now, but after coming off minocycline have been getting a few tiny little whiteheads. Does anyone know if antibiotics can be taken whilst taking dianette as I have a appointment with my doc on wednesday to discuss it and dont really want a topical!? x
  7. About 1 month ago I was prescribed isotrex gel for little spots i have been getting on my nose ever since I have been doing DKR (which I have nw discontinued). However I have just read this warning on a site which has worried me as I have rcently (6 months ago) had surgery on my nose... 'Contact with the mouth, eyes and mucous membranes and with abraded or eczematous skin should be avoided; the product should not be applied to the angles of the nose. Application to sensitive areas of skin, suc
  8. Yes I was sure of that too, but trust me I did everythign right- gentle cleansing, lots of BP and good moisturiser and used the same products throughtout and my acne did not get worse naturally, the regimen just lost effectivness, but hopefully im justy one of the unlucky ones and others will have continued success with it x
  9. Unfortunately the same thing happened to me, after over a year of working great it stopped being so effective and im pretty sure it wasnt because my acne had got better naturally. I would suggest using more BP, I am however now using other methods and am curretly on dianette x
  10. Dont worry, it will get better and this is totally normal for this stage if you start off with too much BP, just try cutting down on the BP abd using lots of moisturiser and stik at it and it should imporve with time!
  11. I was on minocycline for 3-4 years and was absolutely fine, and i just took my daily multi vitamen as usual, good luck! x
  12. Im currently on isotrex gel which i believe is similar to retin a, i was just wondering how long it takes for the irritation and redness to go down as i am getting it terribly!!!? x
  13. I went to the doctors today to pick up my repeat prescription for dianette and minocycline (i have been on mino for about 3-4 years now, and beleve its effectivness has largely worn off but have been weening itself off it since starting dianette). Anyhow, I got a note from my doctor saying i was nto getting prescribed the mino as it wasnt suitable with dianatte and if i came to visit him he would give me a more appropiate anitbiotic, although I think I am going to try and go without as dianette
  14. Its very strictly prescribed and you need to go through a dermatologist x