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  1. Thanks Dan, I appreciate the feedback and suggestions!! I think the hardest thing will be to not lift weights but it's worth giving it a try for a bit to see how my body reacts. I tend to eat a lot of small meals low in glycimic content so that's something I won't have to adjust (which will be nice). I'm wondering, are you taking b complex right now? It seems so confusing with what I've read saying vitamin B is crucial for good skin but that too much can break you out. I'm curious if tha
  2. I, unfortunately like so many others, have been dealing with acne for the better part of my life. My acne has gotten much worse over the past three years after starting a job which is more stressful than my last. I can't even remember what it's like to have clear skin anymore, at all times it seems like I have multiple pimples, most of them cystic around my mouth, chin and nose area. Some of them are strange too with no pain and unresponsive to cortisone shorts. I'm hoping that someone out there