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  1. Hey all, i was diagnosed with sd in 2007 since then I've been using elidel and fucidin h cream.. Had cleared up completely but recently 2 weeks back i had applied fucidin h cream on my pimples, as I was getting late and was in hurry I just wiped the cream with a tissue but still I saw a lil redness so I rubbed ice cubes on my cheeks and I just forgot to wash my face after that I let my face dry say abt 20 mins then went for a shower.. My cheeks are all pinkish red and it also burns.. Wtf what sh
  2. bonobogirl since how long uve been experiencing this buring and itching is minocycline helpful coz even my derm has asked me to start. what else do u do for ur dermatitis?
  3. since how long u been suffering frm dermatitis, coz even i think i have dermatitis its been 6mnths my skin stays dry and flaky during the day and oily in the evenings my nose stays pink all the time ive shown to many derms they say ive got seboherric dermatitis( i dnt have dandruff) finally ive found the right derm she's prescribed me a mild hydrocortisone cream and elidel cream i was jus wondering if any of u guys have tried this elidel cream... Does hydrocortisone cream help reduce redness???
  4. i think so u should go for glycolic peel and microdermabrasion
  5. dermatologist say ive got seborrheic dermatitis, mild acne, mild rosacea...i was jus wondering if anyone could advise me what to do??? acctually ive got 2 prescription by each derm im confused which prescription should i follow... 1st prescription - minocycline 100mg elidel cream fucidin h cream (fusidic acid) 2nd prescription - sum multivitamin tab. fluticasone cream metrogyl hey anyone tired a
  6. no i dont agree with u Wynne, my derm had put me on some cream which had adapalene and clindamycin phosphate i dnt think so, i needed these topicals soo badly i was nearly clear its been 5 months ive stopped using this shit but presently my skin is totally fucked up i wish i had never tired this stuff... Whitey i would suggest u stop using these topical creams its better u go in for some treatment like acne scar reduction, chemical peels and soo on... using these topical creams makes ur skin mor
  7. my sister has the same problem she is getting ipl done and her redness has decreased quite a bit
  8. yes beer does cause acne according to me my experince i drank beer arnd 500ml everyday for a month i started breaking out even more...
  9. " u might be wanking a lot that is why uve got soo many pimples " " what tht on ur face " " u look like tht fucked up 'name'(female's) bro " " what's with ur nose "
  10. your are absolutely right 'ilovepancakes' i myself suffered from blood cancer im out of danger but i feel acne is more f*cking worst than my cancer
  11. even im goin through the same thing...i just got out of the acne phase and got acquinted with a new skin disease called 'seborrheic dermatitis' more fucking worst than acne...
  12. sunil 2007

    my biggest mistake

    after the treatment of adapalene + clindamycin phosphate
  13. hey everyone im really confused see it all started like this i used a gel based cream which is a combination of adapalene and clindamycin phosphate i hardly applied it for 4 nights continously then i stopped using it cause i started getting side effects (http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?automodule=gallery&req=si&img=23488) this is the link to my pics before and after treatment its been 3 months yet the side effects ain't going the main problem is i have shown my skin to 4 diff
  14. i think instead of facials u should go in for microdermabrasion and chemical peels this surely will make a difference