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  1. I'm still clear 95% of the time. I'm almost 47, so I've got some new hormonal issues going on and I break out (super mild) about once a month. I respond really well though to over the counter treatments. I've never regretted my decision to use Accutane.
  2. All of my side effects (dry lips, dry eyes, hairloss...) stopped within 4 months of completing my course.
  3. I am still clear and my skin looks better than ever! I can't believe it has been almost 4 years since I took accutane. I'm so glad I did. It really was a miracle cure for me.
  4. I have IBS...when I was on accutane my stomach was actually better.
  5. Be careful!! You burn so quick on accutane and the sun in the desert is soooo intense. I had two burning incidents on tane...one was my lower back, I was bent over working in my yard and didn't realize my lower back was exposed. The second one was the part in my hair, over the 4th of July, at the beach for a 4th of July parade. If you miss one spot with the sunscreen you are going to cook, and it is a much worse sunburn than normal. Slather it on, use a spray because it's easier to not mi
  6. I did 6 months of 40 mgs at 120 lbs. I have been off accutane for three years and I'm still clear.
  7. Accutane cured mine. I finished my course 3 years ago and I am still clear, even with crazy hormonal issues.
  8. Yes...I had monthly extractions while on accutane as prescribed my derm. I did not have any scarring and I believe it helped me clear up faster.
  9. What was your total dosage or how much mg/kg did you end up taking? I am doing 93mg/kg but itseems the general consensus is 120-150 is needed for curing. I weigh 120 lbs and I did 40 mgs for six months. I don't remember the formula, but I do remember that I did it long enough to do the ratio that is suggested on this site.
  10. I haven't...but I have a friend who is a scientist. She was being recruited by the makers of Obaji and she said when she went for her interviews she noticed that everyone had beautiful skin. She said the Obaji products are amazing. I was hoping she'd take the position (friends and family discount!) but she isn't going to.
  11. Spray your hairbrush with "Static Guard" and then run it through your hair. It's one of the recommended uses for the product.
  12. Four months for my symptoms to go away I was on 40 mg for 6 months, but I'm 120 lbs.
  13. I suffered from acne for 20 years. I just realized that it has been three years since I finished my course. It was the best choice I ever made about my skin. A better choice would have been taking accutane a lot sooner than I did, but I was too afraid after hearing all of the horror stories. It was my miracle cure!
  14. good to hear. I just started accutane, and I am nervous from reading peoples horror stories. But everyone I know that has taken it in my city have all had positive outcomes with no severe side effects. I'm hoping I can say the same. I'm sure you will. I see you are in SD...me too! Dr. Steinman in Chula Vista is my derm and he is fabulous! Sweet that's awesome! I go to the grossmont dermatology center. My derm is helene jolly, she's really nice, but she just went on maternity leave