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  1. I'm not sure if anybody mentioned this yet, but I think its pretty funny (ridiculous) that according to federal law, cocaine is a schedule 2 controlled substance (which means it can be used for medical purposes- in the case of cocaine it is used as a topical anesthetic), but weed is a schedule 1 (not legal for any use). Funny that medicinal marijuana is still struggling to be accepted but coke has been accepted for years lol
  2. Jordan- I've read alot of your posts around here and you seem to have a good wealth of accutane knowledge. Would you agree with me that it is reasonable for a 24 year old to ask for accutane even though acne would not be considered severe? Or should I really suck it up and try retin-a, taz, duac, all the antibiotics etc?
  3. I work in a pharmacy and our pharmacists will not recommend Alli to any of our customers (even though our company would like them too- sales!). Alli is the same drug but lower dose of the RX called Xenical, which doctors hardly ever prescribe, because it doesn't do a whole lot, plus the afformentioned sh*tty (literally) side effects. The makers of Alli sure know how to market though, as sales were pretty big when it first came out. But it will die down just like every other diet pill has.
  4. So long story short I have been using clindamycin gel morning, differin night and erythromycin tablets every day now for the past three months with no real improvement. My acne is on the moderate side. It has its ups and downs like a few weeks I'll have a ton a spots then some improvment for a few days, then another breakout, etc you get the picture. Mostly small stuff but the occasional cyst, in fact I've had this one that has been buried oh-so-deep in the skin on my cheek for like 2 months now
  5. As far as accutane goes... Maybe I'm looking way too far down the road but I would def take it if it comes to that. Although my acne is rarely beyond the 'moderate' category (yes I acknowledge it could be much worse and am thankful it isn't), the fact that I'm 23 (24 by my next derm appointment) probably would make me an Accutane canidate if these don't work, I THINK... But if the Differin/clindamycin gels and erythromycin tabs don't work in a few months, am I likely just going to be but on a s
  6. Thanks Adam. Yeah it seems Differin and clind. plus oral antibiotic really are the "Level 1" products that most derms start people on. I think I'm gonna use the Differin and clind. exactly as the derm wanted, along with the ery. everyday for a few months. Then, if they're not working, I can honestly say "I did everything you told me" and discuss (demand!) other options. Anyone else have some input?
  7. So I (a 23 yr old male with mild-mod. acne and the occasional cyst) went to my first derm appoitment the other day. He looked at my face for 1/2 second and scribbled off 4(!) scripts: Clindamycin gel for the morning, Differin gel for night, Erythyromycin 250mg four times a day, and Triaz 6% cleanser for morning and night. I'm a little afraid to start all of these at once. A couple questions for those who have used these meds: 1- I had been using 10% BP for about a month before my appointment,
  8. Yeah hey that sucks for you, but I started this thread to hopefully talk to someone who has actually seen a dermatologist in Buffalo, not to provide you with space to sh*t on the pratice of dermatology. But thanks for the warning, I'm gonna flush my liver extra hard tonight because I was on penicillin last month for a sinus infection. Damn doctors!
  9. Does anyone live in the Buffalo, NY area/ WNY that could recommend a good dermatologist? Based on personal experience hopefully. Thanks