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  1. Woop! I haven't updated in ages. I'm at the end of my third month, and it's been 2 months at 60mg. My skin is better with some set backs from time to time and often related to the menstrual cycle. My back is finally healing, i have the occasional new pimple but most of my skin is now only scabs and scars that are slowly fading. My face is all right, i still get some cysts on my cheeks and chin, usually one after the other; it's manageable with make-up, and the rest of my skin is clear! Nothin
  2. So after my first 4 weeks i got my new prescription, 60mg per day (was 40 before). My face is ok, I still get some zits on my chin and bumps on my forehead but definitely nothing compared to a month ago. I'm very dry, Aquaphore and the best Avene moisturizing cream I could find is working wonders though. I'm red very easily. Also I got a misadventure with tea tree oil that I applied as usual on a pimple forming on my jawline. I put a drop on a cotton and applied for maybe 1mn30. Result: I
  3. Siglyr

    24 days in

    So, I'm totally getting some of the initial breakout. I've spent the week battling it and it is starting to heal. I got my chin covered, several spots on my forehead including a massive one that won't go white (and is only starting to deflate now) For the good news: my back is starting to get better. I'm still covered in black heads and got a lot of redness to heal but I have 80% less actual pimples. My chest is totally clear, and I could wear a top I love for the first time in a year. My che
  4. So I'm starting my third week on 40mg; It's quite all right. I have 3 massive pimples: one on my forehead, one on my chin and one near my ear. My cheeks are absolutely perfect however, baby skin! I'm not oily at all anymore at the end of the day, and going on my 4th day without washing my hair, which is an absolute miracle. I think all of the comedons on my face are drying out because I keep getting black heads out of my nose and foreheads, they are really dry and go away easily. t's quite
  5. Looks like it's working! Looking good. I use coconut oil too, on ;y all body. I put quite a lot and just let it set before taking a shower, and I have less peeling!
  6. Siglyr


    I'm shedding skin today. Like a lizard; I'm not putting make-up at all because I prefer to see pimples than corn flakes on my face. It's not painful or anything and i have healthy skin underneath but yeah. I guess I'll do an hydratation mask tonight or something!
  7. So, yeah. I'm 11days in. I guess I'm getting some of the initial breakout, but it isn't so bad: pimples on my T-zone that showed up yesterday, but they have already mostly deflated today and are manageable. I put ice on the inflamed ones immediately to reduce, and then a little tea tree oil, but they definitely reduced faster than they would have before accutane. Also I'm not too worried because except for the T-zone my skin is awesome, and I have whole parts of my face where I didn't put any
  8. Hi Elouise, I basically have the same acne as you, moderate with persistent cysts (except I have quite a lot on my back too), and started 8 days ago now, so I'll be following your blog I'm on 40mg so can't help with that but I would say with Erythromycin you'll be good; I got it for 4 months before Roaccutane, and although it didn't make the acne go away it definitely helped with the big inflamed pimples. On 40mg I started getting dry after 6 days, and can already feel the effects on the
  9. You look amazing! Gives me hope, I just started, and I'm worried about the scars. I'll try the coconut oil
  10. Siglyr

    1 week in!

    Hi everyone, So I'm one week in, on 40mg/day Roaccutane. Effects I can see: - My face is already better, I don't have new pimples just the old ones healing. I still have black heads but I try to leave them alone. Maybe it's the calm before the storm and I'll get a break-out in 2 weeks :S - My back is the same as far as I can tell, but I haven't had one of those massive painful pimple since I started and i used to get at least 2 or 3 a week. - The dryness is coming! I woke up with leath