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  1. I have PCOS and the only thing that saved me was Androcur. My hormones are completely crazy without it and I am about to go crazy as well.
  2. I have the same problem. I try to leave it be but it stays for so long that I end up totally destroying my skin. I dont know which is worse: the big gross zit or the big patch of damaged skin?
  3. I take bc because of acne. I only stopped it once and after that my acne was worse than ever and my period was absent for about 2 months
  4. I dont think a higher dose has anything to do with the breakouts. If anything it should work better...I mean, thats the purpose...but I dont know, Im not a doctor
  5. 28 year old with pcos and full of acne and totally sick of it and everything! I need a hideaway! The only time when my face was clear was when I was taking diane 35 and androcur. Anything else does not work for my face.
  6. I am 28 and full of zits. Awesome...the pill alone does not work for me. The only thing that worked for me was androcur. I have pcos. What a joy...
  7. I also take spironolactone and have that kind of mood swings...but never thought that it was because of it, since I have always been depresed because of my face...and also spiro does not work for me so I am always depressed.
  8. Hi. I am 28 years old and had acne ever since I was 11. I do have pcos and the best moment in my life was when I found out about androcur. It was great it healed my face and my mind. But now I made the biggest mistake of my life to stop taking it because the doctor told me so and she gave me spironolactone and now my face looks horrible! I regret this so much. I now started taking androcur again and hopefully it wont be long until it will clear my face! Because I feel completely terrible and I a
  9. I don't know what to do anymore...I called in sick today at work because my face looks like a big mess! I am depressed all the time. I literally used every product out there to escape from this hell! I've had hormonal acne ever since I was 11, and for the last 3 years I've kept it under controle with androcur, but then I was such a fool to listen to the doctor who told me stop taking it and gave me spironolactone which does nothing for me! And now I am ashamed with my face and myself and afraid
  10. I also have pcos and i take diane 35 and androcur. Diane alone has no effects for me, but androcur saved my face and my life. It is the only thing that cleared my skin. I still get a zit every now and then but it is nothing compared tot what my skin looked like my whole life. I would definately recommend this to anyone who struggles with hormonal acne.
  11. I am 26 now, i ve had acne since i was 12. Didnt know what to do with it at that time, or how to cover it up. I was bullied all the time because of my face. Its not as bad today but its still there, only on my face, i hate it. I never had a boyfriend because i was disgusted and ashamed of myself and never left the house. I was 25 when i met my now boyfriend, my skin still breaks out but he said he doesnt care about the acne, he always tells me i am beautiful. But i dont feel like it, i dont beli
  12. I actually brought this up once with my boyfriend when i was really upset that my acne was breaking out. And he told me he likes me with or without acne, and even when i feel i look horrible he tells me im beautiful. But i still feel horrible about myself and my face, and im ashamed to let him see me. And sometimes i make stuff up like i have plans but i dont, just so that he wont see my ugly face.
  13. Acne is ruining my life too. I go to sleep hoping it will look better in the morning but it doesnt. I dont know what to do with it, my skin is extremely sensitive and dry, but if i use a moisturizer it breaks out. I sinceriously hate acne! I mean it has no purpose! Why does it exist?!
  14. Yeah, my skin is the same, all red with spots and marks and lesions that heal really slowly. I hate my skin...