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  1. HEYY!!! congrats on finishing the 'tane! i saw you replied to my post on the tanning...i waited about 4 weeks and then went..and i actually tan ALOT better now! Its so weird?? And also, i would be careful about waxing your eyebrows and such...it was super painful and super red for me even after 4 weeks post tane. but other than that CONGRATULATIONS!! good luck with everything!!
  2. thanks guys! I thought about 6 weeks, but maybe I'll wait 8 just in case.
  3. i just finished accutane and i was wondering how long other people waited to go tanning? i don't want to go too early, but my skin is actually see-through i'm so pale. i just want to get some color back into my complexion, not be orange. any experience?
  4. the only thing i could think of is that the aquaphor is making you break out...but if you're not applying it often, that might not do it. make sure that you're not putting your hands near your face or mouth, they're really dirty and can cause breakouts too. I would ask your derm at your next appointment, there's gotta be a reason for it.
  5. My derm actually recommended aveeno ultra-calming moisturizer with SPF 15 as my primary lotion while on accutane. I would make sure it has SPF in it though, as your face is going to be super sensitive to any sunlight. good luck!
  6. I can honestly say that my hair grew about 5 1/2 inches in the last 4-5 months on accutane. I just got it cut again and my hairdresser (who is an absolute doll and friend of the famiy) couldn't believe how long it was. She asked what kind of medicine I was taking cause she wanted some...I kindly explained all the bad side effects and she changed her mind. But yes, definite growth of hair!
  7. Don't do this while you're ON the tane but AFTER you can try it. The egg white mixture, I'm sure you might have heard of, works wonders for scars (at least for mine). Take egg whites only and whip them until they are frothy. Some people add lemon juice to help fade the scars, but I found tihs to just dry me out severely. Put the foam on your face and let sit for 5-10 minutes. You will feel it tighten and dry. Wash it off with a soft cleanser (cetaphil) and dry...it makes your skin feel VERY smoo
  8. I just saw a commercial for the new proactive green tree moisturizer... it's supposed to combat the dryness that most people get while on proactive. Has anyone used this? I'm wondering if it would work for the accutane dryness? Any experience?
  9. I stopped taking the BCP about two months ago because i was having serious weight gain (as usual when i take BCP) and ever since my period has been out of whack. i dont know if its the tane or the going off of the pills but it's ridiculous. Can't wait to get this drug out of my system!
  10. I third the aveeno ultra calming SPF 15...i'm on month 4 and have to say that i've had very minimal dryness compared to what most other people get. It goes on thick, but not too greasy feeling, and i usually only apply it once in the morning and once before i go to bed. but it depends on the person adn their skin type as well, try a couple and see what works best for you! Also, i know you said cetaphil didn't work for you when you tried it a while ago, but your skin is going to be completely di
  11. I've been on accutane for 4 months now and have NEVER BEEN SO PASTY WHITE IN MY LIFE. I am portuguese and usually very tan and this is just terrible for me. So does anyone know about a fake tanner *cringe* that I could use while on the tane? I want one that doesnt look like paris hilton orange fake tan..any suggestions? Thanks!
  12. Did you all have severe acne? or mild to moderate? just curious.
  13. Hey there... I had mild acne when I went on accutane and I still had an IB. It went away after a couple weeks and I'm on month three now, almost month four. Except, I still get small breakouts..I'm hoping they will stop soon.
  14. So for the past 3 months, I haven't experienced too much dryness on my face. Last week, all of a sudden, I got really dry on my face and started flaking within 5 minutes of putting on my lotion in the morning. I'm using Aveeno Ultra-Calming lotion in the morning and at night, but clearly it's not working well enough. I am still wearing concealer, so I want to try to find sometingg that won't make me flake so much. Any suggestions???
  15. Recently, I've had these terrible tiny red bumps on the back side of my hands. They look like some kind of rash, but they're SOO visible! I'm not sure if it's because of the cold weather or what, but i've been putting lotion on them like crazy. Whenever I put lotion on them, they burn really bad at first, but then start to feel better. But when I wash my hands, it's painful again. What the hell is going on ? Does anyone else have this problem?