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  1. Anyone know how I delete my profile? thanks xx
  2. I agree with above you need to combine resistance exercise (weights) with cardio (running,swimming) etc. Cardio makes you a small shape of the shape you are and resistance training changes your shape. Also you say you jog every day but your body gets used to exercise so you need to change it around why not do resistance weights one day then a jog the next then resistance weights the next day then swimming the day after that so your body constantly has to adjust and doesnt get used to the exercis
  3. I would say def take zinc but be careful how much I used to take a few zinc vitamins and started to get really bad nausea to the point I would have to run to the bathroom at work and feeling faint and wierd every day so I stopped taking so many and it dissappered. If you take too much zinc you can poison yourself I take 30mg a day and im fine on that x
  4. Use a baby brush to get rid of the flakes x
  5. I use aqueous cream which I get from the doctor although I think you can buy it its really good and hasnt broken me out I am 100 % clear on my face. I normally put it on after a shower before bed once a day xx
  6. [Yes I had that feeling too it goes away but when I have more i get it back try having less of it? or just wait as the feeling of upset tummy goes away after a while think your body has to get used to it xx
  7. I use fake bake it is fab and hides marks and scars quite well x
  8. Anyone know of anywhere that sell the soap bars in the uk? xx
  9. Isnt your back really dry though? I found using head and shoulders and washing it off my back was sore it was so dry? x
  10. sorry hun should of made it clearer this is what i bought http://www.pharmacy2u.co.uk/details.asp?productid=DSSBS1 then when you go to pay type in the code AW42D for free delivery I use about 4 handfuls in the bath xx
  11. I use magik sea salts from here www.pharmacy2u.co.uk xxx
  12. Dont leave it on. I spray it on in the shower leave it for 5 mins then wash off. Also when I get out the shower and am dry I spray it on my face leave for 20 mins then wash off. I wouldnt leave it on all night xx
  13. Sea salt is fantastic. I guess its just like when you go on holiday in the sea I never get any spots on holiday! I have been using it for a week and my skin is mega smooth yes it stings on open spots but then at least you know its working! I do soak in bath with them but have found that spraying myself in the shower with water and salt mixed in a plant water sprayer is great too. I also spray some on when I get out the shower on my face leave it to dry for 20 mins then wash off works great xx
  14. I tried Hoodia before and didnt find it to work that well but they do say that sometimes it can take a month for the full effects but I only did it for about 2 weeks and i didnt feel any effects I dont need to loose weight it was just to help me with not picking at things and it didnt really work! Hoodia is aparantly what nicole richie uses. I found ACV more of an appeitite suppresent than hoodia LOL. xx
  15. Yes in my opinion it has been better than BP as it doesnt dry your skin at all. I found BP so drying i had crusty skin everywhere even after exfoliating and using moisturiser etc I guess its what works for people at first BP was fab for me but i just found it dried my skin out where else with ACV i get clear skin and it also looks plump fresh and clean and not a flake of dry skin anywhere xx