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  1. no. again, i do not work for them. LOL. it is a bit insulting actually b/c i like to think that i have a much better job than working for Sci/Art. LOL but anyway... i have enlux bulbs... they made my face 100% clear... therefore... i will defend them and promote them to the death. will they work for you... i dont know. did they work for me... 100% yes. with the addition of retin-a micro. i just posted info the best i could b/c i was without a doubt... the first person to have these bulbs
  2. My face is 100% clear. But I also use retin a micro. since the beginning I have maintained that light works on bacteria... not comedones. you need a topical to combat comedones. for me... a combination of retin a and blue light has yielded 100% success. i would post more... and it is only luck that i saw this thread b/c i just came on here today on a whim... but i'm just too busy these days. Im in grad school taking continued education classes in Japanese... and also have a full time job a
  3. well, im still completely clear. i get a pimple every once in a while... but it never is very bad. for me they are very worth it. i even skip every once in a while now. and enough time has passed to allow many of my red marks to fade. im confident that i will have really great looking skin, as in much better than average... by Christmas time. that is how long i think it will take the rest of my marks to fade... but i dont have any pimples anymore. worked for me!
  4. In terms of power... i just based it off of a video i saw of the acne lamp. the acne lamp claims it is the most powerful lamp by far. well, the video of the acne lamp makes it look like a barbie flashlight compared to the EnLux bulbs. and acne lamp won't test the enlux bulbs. and even if they did... more powerful or not... it would still be tough to believe considering the test is performed by them and not an independent party. so this was enough to make me believe the Enlux bulbs are the b
  5. prettyacnegirl, retin-a messes with your face for about 8-10 weeks. keep us updated on your progress!
  6. yeah... good video. they could take the stem cells from you if they wanted to as well... but since it is only the protein, it shouldnt be much of an issue. i really want to try a treatment when i next go to Singapore... perhaps it will get rid of some of my scars!
  7. you wear goggles b/c they are so bright... just as any bright light will hurt your eyes... these bulbs are no different. blue light has been shown to cause eye damage over a long time... but these lights are far less powerful than the sun... and the goggles you would wear are far stronger than any pair of sunglasses. as long as you wear goggles you will be 100% safe... and the real reason to wear goggles is so you don't get a headache from staring into bright light for 15 minutes! an no... th
  8. OK... most probably dont know... but i am a consultant for a company that works with advanced stem cell therapies. one of the doctors recently forwarded me this article. my company does not do cosmetic research. but this Singapore company should be bringing this treatment to us within the next 3 years. or you can go to Singapore and get it now. very cool stuff... this really makes lasers and things of that nature look like stone age technology... i might go do it the next time i'm in Sing
  9. my posts will decrease since school started again... but i wanted to give this update... i got a huge pimple right between my eyes about 3 days ago... i couldnt figure out why b/c the rest of my face is 100% clear. then i realized that my goggles completely cover that spot on my face!!!!! it kind of sucked... but i did a few long sessions without goggles... ouch. but the pimple is now subsiding nicely. so..... lesson learned.... you need to make sure the light hits all parts of you skin
  10. Acne Lamp probably works... however... it is the most expensive option. And may not be any better than other options and could possibly be worse in some cases.
  11. i've never heard of green cream... but i started with retin-a mico 0.04% (grey tube) and now i use 0.1% (purple tube) i think they have pump bottles now too.
  12. I think there would be a problem with this idea b/c you are not producing light. You are only filtering out all other colors so that only 415nm would remain. You can't create uV either by applying a gel. basically... you are applying filtered light... instead of actual 415nm light... so basically... you could sit under the light with no filter... and get the same amount of 415nm light that you would get if you just used a gel. does that make any sense? you need a light that actually produc
  13. my skin is actually, id say 98% clear now. I just don't own a camera. :( i would love to post pictures otherwise. PrettyAcneGirl - I broke out like crazy when i first used Retin-A Micro... it is considered a normal part of the process. It speeds up skin cell turn-over and brings everything to the surface basically... so it's like pushing all your pimples, blackheads, comedones, etc, etc ... to the top.