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  1. I know alot how this feels. I used to wear way too much makeup. Kids used to laugh at me behind my back, and always comment on how much I wore. Honestly, i was uncomfortable either way. I knew i wore too much makeup, but i also knew my acne was really bad. I just felt like either way i was ugly, and either pimples were cacked on, or the makeup was. So i am sure she knows, and in time she will realize a better way to cover it up.
  2. My skins biggest issue is the red marks they leave behind. My skin breaks out, but the marks last for a long time, much longer than the pimple itself. Is it possible my skin heals slow? I know a lot of people's skin heals differently, and I am curious if there is a reason for that.. If anyone knows what may speed healing process, or possible lessen the red please let me know!
  3. So i am an 18 year old girl, and i have been suffering from acne since i was 10. Of course it has gotten progressivly worse and better through-out the years. Its in a constant roller coaster. Over the summer i was completely fine. Sophmore year and freshman year i was a disaster. I can say i haev tried all prescription types.. well affordable ones. I have never tried accutane, but my mom is dead set against it. Which ultimatly i understand.So i was wondering if anyone knows of any home remedies
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