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  1. Hey man congrats on your progress so far and I hope you continue to improve in the near future!
  2. New life check out lamarr's thread he goes through pretty much everything in terms of what to do after you roll, general care, topicals, etc.
  3. has anyone here used a 1.5 roller on their neck?
  4. Ah too bad, I was hoping that you had box cars. Do you all think that rolling/stamping can work for box cars?
  5. Hey scoobie did/do you have box car scars?
  6. I just hope you are cautious and know what you are doing because it seems like some people have a tendency to go overboard with all that stuff. But I guess you don't notice all of the people who have had successful procedures because it just looks good.
  7. Dudley it kind of worries me when you say that you are going to get all this plastic surgery all at once. You seem like such a rational guy, but if I was you I would be afraid that I would turn into a Michael Jackson or Heidi Montag like cautionary tale. It seems like so many people looked much better before they went under the knife. Fixing acne scars is one thing but changing your god given features is another. Just my two cents.
  8. I have some small deep box car scars just below my jaw line area. Do you guys think these might respond well to derma stamping/rolling?
  9. I mean I know you want this situation to improve and you have every right to but you're clearly very attractive, so really, I mean, you should not be too upset, whatever the outcome.
  10. I am 28 now so I guess I am a bit older than most of you guys. Just like everyone here I am annoyed by my scars. My scars have been called mild as well as moderate and I am sure some could say they are not a big deal but I feel that the people who have said those things did not have scars themselves so they do not know what the hell they are talking about. I have not been thinking about my scars for the past year or so but every once in a while when I try to make a deal or when I try to flirt
  11. good luck on your future treatments, you already look great btw, you seem like a really cool, positive guy
  12. I don't think it is okay for people to say that men should be more accepting less self conscious of their scars than women just because they are men. Men have every right to be concerned of their bodies and the way they look. I am not saying that looks are everything or something that one should base his or her self esteem upon, but I am tired of people saying "don't worry about your scars, you're a guy, man up" Lets put an end to that, cool?
  13. Hey man whats up, I feel your pain because I have had some dark times myself. People tell me my scarring is mild and tough to see but to me it really stands out. Around Christmas '10 I sank into a deep depression where all I could think about was my scars and how much better I thought I could look with out them. Thankfully I got the help I needed at the time and started seeing a counselor once a week and very reluctantly I started using antidepressants. Im not crazy about taking the drugs or