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  1. I just bought a vaseline intensive care Total moisture with vitamin R& minerals is this a good one? Ingredients Water, Glycerin, Stearic Acid, Glycol Stearate, Petrolatum, ................................ Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) seed oil or glycine Soja (Soybean) oil, yea the word oil catches my attention
  2. I have dry flaky red cheeks and the doctor tell me to just apply vaseline and let it heal by itself ( i know ..... what kind of dr. is tat) but yea so what is the best kind of vaseline for your face?
  3. i know i hv Rosacea but what is there to do help!
  4. stoping active acne before treating redmarks is the only way
  5. Y will this stiff make u dry I thought GA do this chemical reaction on ur face and make ur flaky dead skin get off so u won't be flaky and dry isn't it?
  6. No Glycolic Acid and BP are both products that are drying so using both of them would make your face look like its plastered lol but I thought aha will get rid of dead skin so that u won't be flaky I guest?
  7. what is the % of the AHA and the ph for the Facial Cleanser
  8. I am planning to start using AHA so I need a good sunscreen since I'm in college and need to be walking to classes. I am looking for a sunscreen that will not break me out. anything else is consider next. I don't care if it have oil control or moisturize or what ever. I just don;t want to break out from a sunscreen. What do you guys recommend?? p.s. I have really sensative skin so I break out from alot of products easily
  9. What is good to deal with red/brown marks when you still have active acne? I am thinking about the Aqua Glycolic toner
  10. I have heard alot about the Aqua Glycolic cleanser but what about the toner I'm using cetaphil gentle cleanser and it is doing find so I don't plan on switching until I use them all up. So I'm thinking of trying the toner has anyone tried and had great results?
  11. I wash my face with bare hands and then try with tissue paper (I know I'm killing trees sorry) is there any things on tissue paper that might clog pores??
  12. I have these tiny little red pimple they are really small what cause them? what's the diff with the big ones? what should I do??