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  1. ok guys on on like my 3rd month now and i still get break outs!!! i jsut think i'm one of those people who can't get rid of acne.... any advice anyone???
  2. Day 40... still i have some pretty big zits on my forehead and chin line... anyone know why this may be happenning to me...
  3. ok DAY 33... i think... my breakout is back.... around my checks and mouth... I don't know why this time... I was doing so good.
  4. DAY 21 wow sorry for the long reply... well my IB is slowly fading away. I still get little zits here and there but I can tell that the drug is working. My hair is very dry and scalp is starting to flake. I see my doctor in 5 days and we'll see what she says about my progress.
  5. DAY 15 The IB is slowly going away. I can still feel and see the IB but the I can tell that it is healing away. I got like 3 zits on my checks that swelled up but nothing too bad. My sides of my forehead are really looking better. I only problem I have right now is my chin/neck line and some zits opn my forehead and checks. I can tell that this 80mg/day is really making my skin dry. Also, since I go surfing about 3-4 a week, I bought this coppertone waterproof oil-free won't clog pores sunscreen
  6. OK so I'm on DAY 13 and the IB is sort of going away. I got like 3 new small zits in random places. My arms are now getting really dry. The lips are ok if I put gallons of chap stick on! But hopefully the face will start clearing up!
  7. I wouldn't say accutane would lower/reiun your performance as an athlete. EVERYONE reacts different towards the drug. I would say try it out and if you notice pain then tell your doctor!

  8. I don't play football anymore, but during my first 2 cycles on accutane I played football, basketball, and baseball in high school and just football (spring workouts too) in college. Accutane really didn't effect my joints or muscles to what I know of. I ate a really healthy diet and took vitamins. The dry skin/lips and sometimes bloody nose in shower happen to me. Sometimes my attitude/mood would change though. This could have been from accutane or just because school/football/girls can all add
  9. Since this is my 3rd cycle, and hopefully last, anyone who has any questions about accutance/products/etc. feel free to ask me. I know that acne is a hard topic to discuss, but the best way to approach it is to actually talk about it!!!

  10. hey yall I'm on my 12th day of 80mg/day. This is my 3rd cycle! The first two were when I was in high school and first year of college, but I was a hardcore football player who spent a lot of time in the weight room; also taking supplements! My ance got a lot better but never really cleared up. I'm hoping that this cycle will clear everything up for me. My acne is moderate. I have breakouts on the sides of my forehead, chin/neck line, and checks. I have little scars on my checks. As of now I beli