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  1. no ones willing to help a brother out eh?
  2. By unsucessful do you mean that your skin never cleared up? Im sorta in the same boat as you. I'm 21 did a cycle 3 months ago and have started to get my acne back. Skin is somewhat oily, not as bad as b4. How long after your first and second cycle was your face clear for? I'm definately thinking about doing a second cycle b4 my skin gets really bad again. Let me know, and good luck with your 3rd.
  3. Damn, I was really looking for some feedback. Can anyone please reflect on their experiences with enduring a second cycle. Ultimately, I'm wondering if its worth it?
  4. This question is directed toward people who have done a second cycle, or are in the midst of their second cycle. Background Info: 21 year old male, struggled with accutane all my life since puberty. My first cycle disposed of almost all the acne, its been about 3 months since and my acne has started to come back in cystic form. Is the IB as bad the second cycle, does your face clear up faster and are the side effects (drying, joint pain etc.) as bad? Finally, how were the results compared to t
  5. im sure that was your purging period which is supposed to last for 2weeks at least. it takes times for those pimples under ur skin to push themselves out of their way. im not sure if people get cystic acne though.. i heard about people getting pimples that are small like whiteheads.. but ya, u shouldve gave some time. at least a month. did you use pauals BHA along w/green cream? i heard paulas helps to open up those closed comedones and green cream helps to get rid of closed comedones. C
  6. Hey just have 3 questions, the pinned topic had too much info to read through. Does B5 cause an initial breakout? I am using Green Cream at the moment (its a retinol), could using b5 conflict with this treatment? What is the best b5 supplement? Thank you in advance, all input is greatly appreciated.
  7. Im post accutane, 2-3 months now and just starting to break out. How effective is green cream at maintaining a clear face post tane?
  8. Hey im about 2-3 months post tane, and have started to break out a little bit. I also still have some red marks from the course. I ordered GC yesterday (7-10 days freight). So I'm wondering if GC is good just for clearing redness, or if its also a good maintenace topical for small pimples? What is a good non comedgenic moisturizer to use with it? Is their an initial break out?
  9. it is similar to retin a. but if you are going on accutane anyway, you won't need it yet. Does it have the same IB as retin-a? Maybe that wouldnt even matter since I just came off accutane about a month ago to? Whats the regiment with it, Wash, Apply, moisturize? Or do you just use it as a topical for night time?
  10. Hey, im in the exact same situation. 21 male just got off accutane, great results, but my face is red with a little scarring. Also still have blackheads on my nose. Any product suggestions?
  11. are retinoids effective at reducing scars?
  12. Ok so consensus is leaning towards yes, but how long after tane?
  13. Hey bud, my face looks about the same as yours. No actiev acne, but a lot of damage from years of previous acne. I think that some of the marks are scars, but that most are red marks that will fade sooner then later. As for the scars, ill prolly just leave them and hope they will fade more over a longer period of time. No worries tho, at least we got throught the initial process, NO MORE ACNE! Good luck in the future.
  14. Is there a difference between Scars and redmarks that will eventually fade? How can you tell if redmarks are scars? For post-taners, how long after your course did red marks begin to fade? Is there any product I can take to speed up the process? Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks.