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  1. oh no way!! I took accutane later than 25 some people take it in their 40s & beyond!! Seriously give it a try I wouldn't be surprised if it could all but get rid of what you got on your back.....as for the derm's office shit!!! most of us here have sat in that waiting room with our faces COVERED with acne & you know on your day you're always the only one there with acne!! So your face is fine nobody will know what you're there for.....the derm should know that bacne is stubborn & hel
  2. ya I just looked at your gallery pics & like catwoman said your face has got really no probs at all!! That's great!! Bacne can be very hard to treat with topicals...it doesn't seem to respond to anything BUT I had it on my upper chest/back/shoulder area similiar to you just constant big red sore ones that never let up.... I went on accutane for my face really it helped a lot there but it COMPLETELY wiped out the bacne I had.....I have NEVER gotten another big one & it's been years......
  3. well 25 is still really young so don't worry about your youth passing cause it hasn't yet. I guess you just gotta get your skin to an acceptable level where you can feel comfortable.....& try to not focus on it & concentrate on other things but I know that can be very difficult.
  4. just pat it gently with a paper towell
  5. If this has caused you to quit school I suggest you take accutane, it's your best chance of getting rid of it or drastically reducing it.....don't waste any more time!!!
  6. bp is good for mild acne......accutane will wipe out mild acne completely while you are on it but after you finish it will probably come back....maybe a small dose??
  7. 1) week 2-3 2) it can but maybe not 3) are you scarring now? 4) moisturizer (cream) 5) some do, some don't 6) blistex & aquaphor at all times DON'T LICK YOUR LIPS 7) electric shaver is best 8) it will probably be back at least a little but more manageable 9) yes, could have used it sooner
  8. um.....still working on this end.....just reload when pics don't come up.... otherwise i might say you are :ph34r:
  9. retin a & bp at the same time sounds like a formula for disaster, i wouldn't do it & def not at the same time!!......maybe one in the morning, one at night.....still scary though
  10. oh ya...the second date....the promised land.... bada bing bada bang!!!
  11. i look just like that ^^^ we should hook up baby