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  1. Hmmm.. I have been really interested in the link between bad digestion and acne. Many people say that cleansing the colon is helpful. Or that a sluggish colon...etc etc. It seems that the colon is always mentioned. What if you don't have a colon like myself? Yes my digestion is terrible, but I don't have a colon any more. So....could bad digestion still be a concern for me?
  2. Beijing has some of the worst pollution in the world, while 14 of the most polluted cities in the world are in China. I'm not surpised this thread has descended into racism to be honest, they all do on the internet eventually. See youtube for example.
  3. This is all very interesting. Keep us posted! I am pretty desperate to get rid of my mild acne. Nothing and I mean nothing I put on my skin makes it better for good. So my next option is diet and treat acne from the inside out. I have very internal acne. Lots of clogged pores lots of black heads deep in my skin. Not very much inflammation at all. One thing I do worry about going on any diet is losing weight. I am also very tiny and have just recently acquired some nice boobs along with a slight
  4. I will probably never just say "screw it." Not having clear skin is one of my biggest stresses and downers. I'm 21 almost and i have been battling mild and continuous and annoying acne since I was like 15. It really doesn't seem to get any better with time, but I'm still sure there's a way for my skin to clear up. I just gotta figure out what imbalance there is in my body. *shrug*
  5. Hmmm......mostly I have heard of processed sugar as being bad. When sugar affects the skin it's mostly the crap you find in junk food and juices from the store. Things like high fructose corn syrup and such. Usually natural sugars right out of a fruit are okay. Unless you see a direct connection with fruits that you eat, don't worry about actual fruit from the produce section.
  6. LOL ok ok I'm just laughing thinking about deep frying pterodactyls! OMG..but yeah. It is different from each person. Honestly humans are not meant to digest cows milk, it's very taxing on the digestive system. Evolution of humans doesn't all happen at once, some humans can handle milk, some can't. It is worth a shot to try and cut out dairy. Get the calcium from supplements or other options. I personally try and stay away from milk. I LOVE LOVE LOVE dairy, but milk and ice cream and cheese tend
  7. ashenstar

    Oily skin

    So i just need some clarification or some help with a concept. A lot of posts mention that acne for some people is caused by the oils mixing with dead skin cells and clogging up pores. What if you don't have oily skin? I have pretty normal skin with almost no visible oil or slickness. A lot of times it is actually quite dry and sensitive. My skin is pretty dehydrated most of the time. In this case is it still oil and dead skin mixing and clogging up pores? Maybe the oil just isn't visible on the
  8. I also used to do my other things like brush my teeth and my hair in the dark in that bathroom. I'd leave the door open so the daytime natural light would help me not bump into things but i didn't see every little friggin bump that was on my skin. Honestly if you don't need your bathroom mirror, cover it up. Put some wax paper over it or something. Foil. It doesn't matter. There is a tip trick for people who bite their nails. If you put something gross like vinegar or really hot sauce on your na
  9. Naw..i dont have any kids. But I do love the way little kids just STARE and STARE at your acne. And sometimes the brave ones will actually ask you "what's wong wit your face lady?" ah, but they dont mean it meanly.
  10. Great. Have a good.....day? I assume it is day where you are? Whatever time it is for you, peace be with you.
  11. ok....my msn email has been added. Good night. It is almost 4:00am where I am at. *yawn*
  12. no icq,, but yes i do have msn. i'm still working on my profile right now so i haven't added that yet.
  13. Yes... that is why we are all here I think. It is better to be strong together.
  14. Yup I'm nearly 21 and REALLY wish my acne had been done in high school. Acne is still considered a "teenage" problem by many people (even though thats so not true) and strangely enough having acne makes me feel....like..oh how to say. Less of an adult? Like other people at job interviews and whatnot will look at my skin and then somewhere in their brain say oh..teenage girl..you're too young, or we don't take you seriously. Grr.. at least acne as a teenager is considered by many to be "normal."
  15. God I wish I did. I actually tried putting sticky notes on the mirror that said "NO!" My problem is that I will get like 2 inches away from my face in a mirror and see "something." Theres usually nothing there. Even if there is something that I can gently squeeze out, I don't stop there. It really is an obsession for me. I will create breakouts and marks on my face even when it's clearing up. Now I'm just trying to set goals. Go a week and I will get myself a new makeup item. <3 makeup. Is