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  1. Hey Lorrie,

    Are you doing okay? Haven't seen you around in awhile.

  2. Hi Seaview! Keep it up and keep us informed as to how its going. If dietary change is what its gonna take to help me I am in trouble. I have the worst eating habits of anyone I know. I am usually so busy I dont even eat breakfast or lunch and by dinner I eat whatever I can get my hands on which is rarely on the healthy side of the spectrum. I was taking supplements faithly but last month I became very ill with a respiratory infection and then some kind of stomach illness. I stopped taking everyt
  3. From the one picture you put up and the post where you said that the breakouts are worse during your period, I think theres a good chance your acne is hormonal. Before jumping into Accutane maybe you should discuss the possibility of Spiro with your derm. I have been researching it and it looks promising for the treatment of hormonal acne. This could be the one last thing you could try before resorting to Accutane. If that doesnt work then you can honestly say that you have tried everything. I w
  4. In my experience, 2 weeks is way too soon to see a difference in comedones, especially deep ones. By 2 weeks in, my skin was beginning to look a little brighter and less dull, but it took a couple of months before I started to see a noticeable difference in terms of blackheads and clogged pores. At this point, I've been using the 2% BHA liquid from Paula's Choice since the beginning of March, and it's definitely helping. My skin is probably 75-80% clearer than it was when I started. Same
  5. Day 92 of DKR and Day 68 of BHA My cycle is really bad this month. Horrible cramping and everything! My skin is trying to fight it off but its beginning to fall behind. Today I have a pimple on the side of my nose. Its small but its there none the less. I havent had any spots any where but my jawline for awhile and now this. That huge thing on my left jawline just refuses to give up. I layered the BP on it last night and today its still huge and shows no signs of going any where fast. I am temp
  6. Proactiv's BP is pretty good also. Although you can get it on Ebay it is still ridicuously expensive. You are better off with Dans BP. Lorrie
  7. Yeah be careful about using BP on your neck. I got a chemical burn on my neck not too long ago from the BP. It took a week to heal and it looked horrible. Lorrie
  8. Thanks for the reply Amoeba! I need to do some research on PCOS. I am not familiar with it. I have been researching Spiro also and it sounds promising. I have considered seeing my doctor about the hormonal imbalance thing but have decided to put it off for awhile. I am currently in the process of changing jobs and while I currently have insurance, when I start my new job I wont have it for a period of time so it doesnt make sense to start something then have to stop it because I have no insuranc
  9. Thanks anyways Ami! I was told by a friend the same thing about ovulation starting about 14 days after the first day of your last period. But when I tried to figure it out on this online calendar they have it starting 6 days after the first day if I use the 21 day cycle to calculate it and 10 days if I use the 28 day cycle. This is all very confusing. At this rate I will be taking Aleve 3 weeks out of the month. Ugh! I dont want stomach ulcers from taking Aleve so often. I just dont know what to
  10. Personally, I loved the Cetaphil until recently. I used it for 3 months with no problems. Then it started getting hot here and I discovered that the Cetaphil melts off my face in the hot humid weather here. Now I am only using it at night which doesnt seem to be a problem.
  11. You can use the AHA Gel or the BHA Gel/Liquid/Lotion. If you chose the BHA go straight for the 2%. Dont bother with the 1%. I use the BHA lotion and I love it. Its so light and absorbs quickly. By the way, moisturizing has nothing to do with how much oil your skin produces. I had very oily skin before starting the DKR and I use a moisturizer religiously now. I no longer have oily skin at all. Lorrie
  12. If its just on your forehead then maybe its not the Cetaphil. Does your hair hang over your forehead? Do you use hair styling products that is running off your hair onto your forehead when you sweat? Do you wear a hat? If you work out or have a job where you sweat alot, do you wipe your forehead with your arm, hand, dirty apron or etc? These could all be factors if just your forehead is breaking out. Lorrie
  13. I switched from the BP in Proactiv to Dans BP with no problems. Since you have been using it awhile and your skin has already adjusted to it you could probably start with a larger amount than Dan typically recommends for beginners. Lorrie
  14. I am experimenting with dealing with my monthly breakouts. A couple veteran members are using Aleve to combat their monthly breakouts and have had success with it. I just started it this month so I cant testify as to how well it works yet. You can read about it here http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Aleve-for...ne-t114587.html Another veteran is drinking Green tea/Yogi Hormonal Balance tea (called Dong Quai Tonic). She says it has helped with her hormonal acne. Unfortunately I dont like tea so I
  15. Hi JMoO! I have been using Dans regimen for 3 months and I am finally seeing results. I am not totally clear but my skin is no where near as bad as it used to be. Hang in there! You have to be patient! Unfortunately not everyone gets the miracle results in 3-4 weeks that some of the lucky ones get. The moisturizer is an important step in the DKR. Please use it at least at night if you dont want to use it during the day. The redmarks will fade with time. Once you get the acne under control and