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  1. The Revlon Colorstay Stay Natural was a revelation to me, a former high-end junkie when it came to foundation. You really do have to buy one in a shade darker than you think you need, though. It goes on lighter. Feels smooth and even though I tend to have really oily skin, lasts a long time. Blends well, and covers residual redness from former acne scars and using bp currently. And it hasn't caused me to break out once !!
  2. Sometimes overdoing B vitamins can give you dry patches.
  3. Burt's Bees lip shimmer both moisturizes and adds shimmery color. I found I really needed to moisturize my lips since starting the regimen, as I think the bp was affecting my lips. Also, winter takes its toll. I used to get the little pimples on the edge of my lips all the time and they really hurt, not to mention looking horrible. I haven't had any since starting the regimen and using the Burt's Bees lip shimmer. Comes in a little tin, lasts a long time. I use it night and day.
  4. Try Revlon Colorstay Stay Natural. They have a good color range. Use a green concealer under the foundation (try Physicians Formula selection). Just a dab on each dark spot, then blend.
  5. I have used bp 2.5% while pregnant and breastfeeding and both my ob/gyn and midwife said there was no problem. Also used 10% for a while. Same verdict. Try not to get any on baby's skin, i.e. from rubbing off your face. I haven't noticed any adverse effects, but you never know what your individual baby's skin may do.
  6. Doesn't look good. Did you change shampoo during the month before this happened? Or add conditioner?
  7. In the case of the picture subjects who appear to be minors -- who are their parents and what were they doing while their kids got that bad? Something as bad as that didn't happen overnight! Those cases should have been nipped in the bud. Letting your child's skin become such an ugly mess is child abuse.
  8. This is probably weird, but don't grow facial hair if you're shorter than 5'10''. You'll end up looking like one of the Seven Dwarfs.
  9. The cetaphil gentle wash that's recommended in the regimen contains sodium lauryl sulfate, which will cause acne (don't know why Dan recommends it). The cetaphil wash for normal to oily skin doesn't have this ingredient. In fact it has only about half the ingredients that the gentle wash has.
  10. Question: I'm allergic to aspirin and ibuprofen -- the only thing I can take for pain relief is acetominophen -- should I even consider SA products? Anyone have any experience/opinion on this?
  11. Two years ago I developed gestational diabetes: quite a shock at the time , but in retrospect probably the best thing that ever happened to me, healthwise. Thanks to the dietician at my midwife's practice I was able to control the condition without recourse to insulin, and since baby was born continue to monitor my refined carb and sugar intake to prevent the development of type 2 diabetes later in life. I researched the low glycemic foods and now do my best to stick to these. The result has
  12. Watch out for Triclosan. There have been some recent studies indicating that it can suppress thyroid function. Better off using a glycerin or other mild soap and using the bp a few times a week if your problem is slight.
  13. I had this problem and switched to Burts Bees lip products night and day. I also use Eucerin Renewal and Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturiser (SPF 15) night and day, respectively. Since really becoming consistent with this those painful pimples have gone and not returned. They used to be so bad it hurt to open my mouth to eat, smile, speak, yawn, and if I accidently touched one....Ouch! The moisturising and use of bp (as the regimen instructed) made all the difference.
  14. There's a difference between sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate. The former is a comedogenic ingredient and the latter is not. It's easy to get them mixed up. In case you're using the cetaphil gentle cleanser and breaking out, and this is a concern, the Cetaphil Cleanser for Normal to Oily skin doesn't have it.