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  1. Hey guys I'm into almost my 4th month of tane now having lost track of actual day numbers... Results have been fantastic and i have no new acne anymore and my skin is as soft and smooth as a baby. I have however red spots and other spots that don't look too good under certain light. I visited the chemist and they have Palmer's Scar Treatment Oil or something along those lines. Says it has Vitamin E in it as well. Seems like a basic scar treatment for acne, stretch marks etc. Is it safe to
  2. Ok so I am on Tane now and I really want to get fit and hit the gym. I'm a 21yo male and have been going to the gym on-and-off for 6 month periods for a couple years now.I never noticed any link to working out and acne, albeit maybe one or two pimples difference but not enough to make it really noticeable. Only recently however, I have broken out like crazy near my jawlines where I never had acne before and am now on Tane as my dermatologist believes it is hormonal-related adult acne. This occu
  3. My bottle of Blackmores Zinc vitamins lists Vitamina A 2500UI as part of the tablet. I really want the benefits of zinc in improving skin but have heard advice not to overdose on Vita A whilst on Tane. Should i stop? I'm inclined not to since I feel fine and have felt fine and been taking zinc for ages now even before Tane and don't want to stop. Other vits such as Fish Oil and Vit E don't seem to be as much of a problem I presume. Thanks!
  4. Day 26 Almost a month now. Just wanted to chime in and say that my skin is definately getting drier and although its not flaking or anything its dry to touch. My skin on my hands is also slightly white from being dry and so are my elbows so I might need to start moisturising my body after showers at night. Not to fussed about it though cause i'm a boy. So all in all, pleased to see the drug is really working and I feel the IB is starting to come down. Got a few more spots recently but seem to
  5. Day 23 Well I haven't updated in a while but my skin doens't change too much on a daily basis so I figured I will only update when I feel like there is something to report on. My skin is still not dry. It is not as oily as it used to be but definately does not feel like it needs to be moisturised. My daily regimen consists of 40mg accutane +: 3 fish oil tabs 1 zinc tab aloe vera (morning and night) moisturiser (morning and night) sunscreen (morning) So far the usual side effects are all th
  6. I am currently going through my IB now and want to know if there is anything i can do to reduce the chance of scarring? I can deal with red marks that fade but not ice-picking. I've generally never had ice-picking before although with the effects of skin-thinning I am a little worried. I am doing all the recommended things like moisturising, sunscreen, not-picking etc. Is there anything else I can do? I also use aloe vera to help sooth the itching and redness and for its healing properties.
  7. Day 16 Not much to report. Same old. Weathering the IB. I am itchy everywhere though, like my arms, legs, find myself unconsciously scratching myself. Alarm bells ring when I scratch my face so I don't really touch my face too often but everywhere else I scratch like a maniac. Also found out that I have heaps of aloe vera plants in my garden so i tried them out and they seem to be working wonders for the itch on my face. Bought some gel as well since I don't want to waste the real stuff. Wo
  8. I have been on tane for 2 weeks at 40mg/day whic is about 0.5gm/kg/day since I weigh about 75kg. (170lbs) My skin however isn't really dry enough to warrant moisturising. Should i be worried? I am experiencing all the other side effects, dry lips, mouth, soreness, headaches, dry nose, IB... I have got a big tub of Cetaphil lotion ready to go.
  9. Day 15 Not much has changed. Side effects are still the same. Skin is still not really drying up so haven't had to use much moisturiser. Struggling through the IB and waiting for it to pass over. Weathering the storm i guess. Hard pimples? Has anyone noticed that when you get a new breakout that it tends to heal over a lot quicker but then lingers around for a while without being painful but has this scab like feeling to it? Like it could be picked off? I don't dare scab or pick at anythin
  10. Day 13 Almost 2 weeks. Definately going through an IB.. face feels sensitive.. everybody is asking me why i look so red. Probabaly due to the thinning of the skin. When i get scratched slightly, it definately stings for longer than usual so i try not to itch my face. Face is itchy as well. Skin is not super dry yet. Still don't need to moisturise. Lips are chapped as hell and mouth is really dry inside. Nose is also very dry. Muscle aches come and go and mild headaches. Just waiting for the
  11. Day 9 Well, pretty much the same. I think i am definately going through the IB. Cheeks are sore and i basically can't be bothered counting the number of sores. Had my first nose bleed in the morning while blowing my nose. Lips are pretty much super dry now so am constantly being moisturised. Skin is still fairly oily. Oily at the level that doesn't look oily but not dry and flaky. Nice level of dryness/oil which would be great to have post Tane. Also, was contemplaying the gym last night but
  12. Hey guys. I'm 21 yo male just started Tane a week ago.. Derm put me on 40mg per day whcih is about 0.5mg/kg/day. I am just a little worried since It seems many people take higher? Should i raise this with my derm? He said my condition is not that bad (I think it is) so he would start me on a low dose. But isn't it better to start on a higher dose and just get rid of it faster? I am worried I will start on 40mg and then he will up me and then my body will just go through the IB/side-effect pr
  13. Cool! I weigh about 75kg so not as much as you. Well here goes an update. Day 7 Basically, not much different. Skin is still where it was before. If anything getting a little worse. Lips are very dry now and am regularly using chap stick. Skin is still producing oil though. IE I don't really feel the need to moisturize as yet although I do just for routines sake and I also put on sunblock because as before, I have become sensitive to the sun. I am also feeling my nose drying up a little inside
  14. Hey guys Day 6 I just started my 6th day of 40mg per day on Roaccutane. Decided to start up a journal to chronicle my journey and hopefully give back to the community I have learnt so much from. My acne is fairly moderate, very cystic yet doesn't ever come to the surface. I have been told that this is a form of adult acne and is concentrated on my lower cheeks and jawline. I used to have bad acne as a teenager on my forehead which just disappeared on its own a couple yrs ago and my skin was fai