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    Go sell crazy elsewhere, we're all stocked up here..
  • Birthday 07/26/1983

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    New Jersey
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    shopping, make up, baking (haha, SUCH a loser!), dancing, going out with friends.. ya know, normal things people my age like to do..

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  1. love and friendship ma gurl:)

    1. Aw thanks, haha.. I just changed it though. :P

      1. I love your icon.

        1. heyyy bitch! how have you been?

          1. Thank you Loochi. I'm anxiously waiting for Mr Greatlife to appear in my life.

            1. Hahahaha... AWESOME name man... Love it! :D *in b4 you meet greatlife.*

              1. Did you ever get the second half of your present?!?!

                1. Hi.. I don't know if you're ever going to come back, but I miss you. :(

                  1. You better hurry and get some pics of your present up.

                    1. sent you an email

                      1. aw thanks for the thanksgiving wishes hope u had a good one too!

                        1. Funsince1983

                          Twenty-something, and still living with parents

                          Nope.. 26, own my home, student loans paid off, car paid off. Livin' the dream.
                        2. Welcome back to civilian life m'dear.