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    New Jersey
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    shopping, make up, baking (haha, SUCH a loser!), dancing, going out with friends.. ya know, normal things people my age like to do..

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  1. love and friendship ma gurl:)

  2. Aw thanks, haha.. I just changed it though. :P

  3. I love your icon. <3 You're so pretty!

  4. heyyy bitch! how have you been?

  5. Thank you Loochi. I'm anxiously waiting for Mr Greatlife to appear in my life.

  6. Hahahaha... AWESOME name man... Love it! :D *in b4 you meet greatlife.*

  7. Did you ever get the second half of your present?!?!

  8. Hi.. I don't know if you're ever going to come back, but I miss you. :(

  9. You better hurry and get some pics of your present up.

  10. sent you an email

  11. aw thanks for the thanksgiving wishes hope u had a good one too!

  12. Nope.. 26, own my home, student loans paid off, car paid off. Livin' the dream.
  13. Welcome back to civilian life m'dear. <3