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  1. I have moderate cystic acne. It was controlled with minocycline, but i had to change it b/c my hair was falling out. I didnt have a breakout of any kind for about 8 months. I was switched to Doxycycline...work okay for a few months, but while i was on Doxycycline, i was still getting cystic acne...aka immune. I am currently taking Ceftin. It works better than Doxycycline but not as good as minocycline. I still am getting an occiasional cysic acne, but not as many as when i was on Dox
  2. u are getting resistant to the doxycycline (its not working). you need it changed. same thing happened to me... i was on minocycline, changed to doxy, still got a few acne, as opposed to none when i was on minocycline...changed it to ceftin.
  3. i was in the same situation as you. what happened was i was initially on minocycline...worked wonderful...didnt get one single pimple of any kind for like 8 months...then i started getting hair loss (long term side effect of minocycline). I was switched to doxycycline...worked fine for the first few months, then i started getting one pimple...then 2, then 3...i was resistant to it. i got it switched to Ceftin. Tell your derm; its not working. u need something stronger. BTW: did it wo
  4. Hello everyone, I am not familar with Ceftin (Cefuroxime) and Sulfacet-R (Sodium Sulfacetamide 10% & Sulfur 5% lotion). I have cystic acne, which was controlled with Minocycline, but I stopped it due to long term side effects (hair loss). My dermatologist switched me to doxycycline, which instantly worked, but then i got resistant to it. I am now on Ceftin and he also gave a lotion containing sulfur. How well does Ceftin and the lotion work on acne? Thank you!
  5. This is NOT the same as Clarisonic or Nutra Sonic at all. You will not get the same results. The mechanism is different. Read more here, at my blog. See my other posts: Clarisonic Mia vs Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System Nutra Sonic 2-Speed Travel Companion vs Clarisonic MIA Sigma Cleansing & Polishing Tool vs Clarisonic Pretika vs Clarisonic
  6. i was put on doxyclyine and acne is coming back even after i changed from one pill a day to one pill two times a day. read post here what should i do?
  7. Yes i have had success with minocycline too. However, i changed the medication b/c it was too expensive and its long term effects (hair loss). read my post here. Seems like i have to go back on it or another medication because doxycyline, which WAS working, isnt working anymore...read my recent post here. BTW: topical medication do NOT work on cystic acne. my dermatolgist told me that.
  8. Hello everyone, I was originally on Minocycline (100mg) for about 6 months. For about 2 weeks, i got a really bad headache. I continued to use the drug. It got rid of my cystic acne completely. I used that in conjunction with NutraSonic to get rid of my scars. For the first time in my life, i was able to go outside without makeup. Anyway, Minocycline was pricey and the long term side effects (hair loss) werent worth it. So my dermatologist switched to Doxycycline (100mg). I wold get an acne
  9. Im sure you all have heard the $200 HG Clairsonic and how it can do wonders for your skin (less wrinkles, overall appearance and reduce blemishes and scars). Dr. Oz recommends it as does Oprah. However, there are alternatives...like the Olay ($30) or the Pretika ($40, and closer dupe to Clairsonic than the Olay from what I have read). Will they work to get rid of my scars? I am using Olay Regenerist Regenerating Cream Cleanser. My skin feels smooth but the scars dont seem to be going anywhere
  10. Yes i have had acne since adolescence...never went away or was even controlled until now with minocycline. I know my acne will return if i stop minocycline, because i have gotten lazy a couple of times and didnt take minocycline for about 3 days and my acne came back...cysts....small ones, but still cysts. went away after 2-3 days of taking minocycline again. the only thing i dont like about accutane is that it is required by law for females to take birth control pills while on accutane. Im go
  11. Oh sorry. I thought i included that information. I'm a 27 year old Female, with moderate cystic acne. I used to just get the regular whitehead and an occasional cystic acne, but as i got older, i have gotten cystic acne. Even though my acne is under control, i have a lot of scars/marks, which show up a lot on my fair skin.
  12. Hello everyone, I was put on Minocycline 100 mg 1 tablet, 2 times a day since October 2010. I cut down to 1 tablet per day for the last 2 months. It seems to be working wonderfully. If i see a cystic acne pop up, i just start taking it 2 times a day for about 3-5 days and it goes away. I have some concerns: - expensive: 200 tablets cost me about $90-$100. - hair loss: i have been noticing more hair loss than usual and my eyelashes are falling...i know a long term side effect of minocycline is h