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  1. my cystic acne was BAAAAAAAD in December/January. i mean at its worst! i wanted to die i thought i'd never recover. i had almost lost hope. i started yasmin in February. right away i saw improvement on my both my cheeks (they'd previously been broken out with about 10 cysts on each side). within days i noticed less inflammation and no new cysts. i'd say in 2-3 wks my cheeks began clearing. but my jawline and neck broke out. it took about 2-3 months for that finally stop. currently, i'v
  2. been a while since i've checked back. i'm glad to report that i've been clear for the last 2-3 months. i started on yasmin in january/february. as you can see, it took a while to get me clear. it worked pretty quickly on my cheeks but i was still battling jawline acne for the first few months. and i can finally say that the red marks are starting to fade a lot. to me, that took a looooooooong time. anyway, to all of you on hormonal-type therapy like yasmin, i wish you the same results and
  3. i kinda have an addiction to Coach bags...so yeah, I love purses.
  4. i'm addicted too! the way i see it, it's better than sitting around being depressed about acne. at least, while i'm on this site, i feel like i'm doing something about my problem.
  5. i was asked by a friend if i had a boob job...hahaha! that made my day. on another note...why does yasmine take care of facial acne but not so much jawline acne? or is just my jawline acne stubborn?
  6. ok, sounds doable! i shall try it and let y'all know how it goes. oh wait. one more question, there's also a clarifying powder. is that any good?
  7. i'll be 36 in October and am on my 4th Yasmine pack. So far, Yasmine has helped a lot with clearing up my face (it's my jawline and neck that have the occasional cyst or two). But what i'm worried about is getting closer to being 40 and having to stop taking Yasmine. what'll I do about my hormonal acne then? or worse, what's going to happen? i'm freaked out that my face will explode and the cysts will come back with a vengence. should I stop the Yasmine now and start on Spiro instead? or
  8. i'd like to try this product (big surprise...i swear, i am such a SUCKER for makeup) but since i'm used to compact foundation/powder i'm not sure how to apply it. i do not own a foundation brush, nor do i know how to use it. also, i wouldn't know how to apply with just my fingers. i'm a "sponge" person, will this product be ok to apply with a sponge?
  9. am i the only adult with acne... at home? yes. at work? yes. amongst my friends? yes. in my entire state? feels like it.
  10. hey how come i aint seen this thread before? i am an acne.org addict, or so i thought. here's part I of my list: 1) my confidence restored to what it was before acne destroyed it 2) my weight restored to what it was before acne-induced depression set in, making me turn to food for comfort (lots n lots of comfort, it seems) 3) the red marks to go AWAY and never come back 4) tight, smooth, even-toned, small-pored, acneless skin 5) not have to rely on any sort of medication to keep my skin clear
  11. yeah, that's why i felt as if i had to wash my face again! i didn't like the gentle cleanser because it didn't remove my makeup. the gentle cleanser would be better for non-make-up wearers/dry skinned folk. what's great about both is that they're very reasonably priced. i've tried pricey department store cleansers and i also am an arbonne consultant. none of the pricey products i've used compare with cetaphil! shhh...dont tell arbonne i said that.
  12. Apply whenever is best for you. I apply mine over foundation because you can rub the concealer off of the blemish/spot depending on what method you use to apply foundation. thanks, rush! i'll def try it.
  13. i tried both cleansers, as well. although unlike gyro, i prefer the daily cleanser. probably because i have oily skin, so i dont find it drying at all. also, i like that it lathers. the other one, like gyro said, doesnt lather. may just be my imagination but i felt like it wasn't cleansing my face, like i had to wash it again or something. the daily cleanser on the other hands makes my face feel really clean and my face feels so soft after. just my opinion. hope u find one that you like!
  14. i, too, like cetaphil. i mix in a drop or two of AHA. i found that this mix doesnt clump up wheni apply make up unlike other moisturizers i've tried. as for concealer, i dunno. i'm in search of a good concealer myself. in fact today, i went n got me the chanel one. i forgot what it was called but it has a brush tip. it seemed to blend in nicely over my foundation. is concealer s'posed to be put on under or over foundation? i'm luvin my foundation right now. i'm using chanel double pe