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  1. Ok, I can't tolerate Idebenone anymore. Even the smallest amount in now causing me unbearable itching. Don't use too much. In my opinion - if your cream is turning a noticibly bright orange - YOUR USING TOO MUCH! I'm not going to use it anymore. I'll just give it to my mother. She uses very little and doesn't use it everyday. I think that's the way to go. I've definitley developed an allergy to it. I'm even itchy on other parts of my body where I didn't apply it. Not good
  2. My crazy sister plays the lottery every week. Last week all 6 of her numbers came up but the ticket she had was for the next week's draw! That's like a bitch slap in the face! Maybe that was a sign for her to stop playing the lottery...
  3. I wanted to know what was in Neutrogena's Red Mark fading mask and new peel. It seems other than salicylic acid the next big ingredient is "mucor miehei," otherwise known as vegetable/microbial rennet. Mucor miehei is a milk coagulating enzyme used to make cheese. So... what if I just buy vegetable rennet (Mucor miehei) off the net and apply it to my red marks? Would that work?? Here's the ingredients for the Neutrogena mask: Active Ingredients: Salicylic Acid 2.0% (Purpose: Acne Treat
  4. 1) Live music that's in huge venues. (seeing/hearing and being a part of all those people singing along makes me feel like I'm in music heaven). 2) baby anthing (except reptiles, sorry.) 3) funny people, funny remarks, wit. 4) Good people. People who smile at you regardless. I had a boy smile at me because I locked myself out of my workplace and he helped me out. He was so nice and yet he didn't have to be. 5)dessert.
  5. It would be funny if you just smiled back... The moon colliding with the sun, Haha! London sounds cool!
  6. Craziness. I think people who justify suicide to themselves need serious outside help. I'm on anti-depressants and other than the fact that I can't go on accutane I'm glad i'm taking them. Maybe not pills, but Darth should get some kind of therapy/counsiling. I was hellbent on suicide as a teen "highschool drop-out with no friends." Thank GOD I had some kind of spiritual, renewed morale, awakening type thing. I had crooked-ass teeth untill I worked to pay off the $5000 it cost me to p
  7. Anything by TOOL most definitely. A few A Perfect Circle songs, a few Pumpkins songs, lots of Rage songs. I like "Fuck you" songs too.... trying to think of them... I adore the Stone Roses and Ian Brown as well as Keane. The Streets kick all ass. I NEED to buy that album. Hmmm..... I could make a HUGE list being the loser music fanatic I am. Radiohead write a lot of good Fuck You songs. rawk on
  8. wow...there was once when i was such a clean freak too...and i feel really awkward doing these kind of stuff in front of people...don't you? ←
  9. Hey, before anyone jumps on my back I just found something... http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...2058entry642058
  10. Hey, you guys. I'm usually miss rational (well not really) but I don't do anything too crazy. But in all honesty I just snapped the other day. I took a sewing needle and started to painfully puncture my scars in an attempt to do some crappy at-home needling. Well, it hurt like hell! and now I have little red spots on my face from the blood clots. Let see what happens. DO *NOT* try this at home with a sewing needle! If anything it should be a teeny tiny diabetic needle. But again, don't