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    Reading books and teen mags,<br />Writing,<br />Shopping,<br />Painting my nails bright or dark colours,<br />Surfing the net,<br />Listening to music (i.e. Orson, The Fratellis, Take That, The Feeling, X-tina and more)<br />Taking my dogs for walks,<br />School (NOT!),<br />Daydreaming (Now that's something I REALLY love!)<br />Being on my own,<br />Being with friends,<br />Ditto with family,<br />BEING ME.<br />Now that's an interest...<br /><br />... Did I say interest?!
  1. I've got back pain too... and when I am running the back of my legs start to ache, which has never happened before...
  2. Thanks guys - now I feel better about wearing make-up! xxx
  3. Is it affecting your treatment? Is your skin getting better? x
  4. Hey, I was just wondering if it is bad for you to use make-up will taking Roaccutane. I only put on a thin layer of powder and some eyeshadow, but I am worried it is affecting my treatment. Do any of you use make-up while on Roaccutane? I use it because it gives me confidence and I don't get bullied as much as I used to. Can you help? Thanks xxx
  5. No, I started in January and I'm on 40mg. I was orginally on 50mg, but I lost loads of weight so my derm changed it to 40mg. Just hope you don't get any of the side effects ! :)

  6. Good luck! Did you start in the last week too?

    I'm on a low dose but hopefully i'll clear just as well

  7. And nobody's commented on mine either btw :)

  8. Hey... noticed nobody's thingyed your comments yet... well... good luck with your accutane ! Wish me luck too! :)

  9. Thanks guys - I'm not as paranoid as I was. I'm so glad I joined these boards! It's only been a day; but so far I've been given great advice!
  10. Hey, I'm 13 and I'm on 40mg too. What age are you? I'm guessing about 16 or something; I've got bad acne pretty young. Anyway, I'm 6 stone. Are you? Maybe it's because of your weight, or because your derm wants to try you on a smaller dose for a while before bringing it up. I was orginally on 50mg; but I lost a lot of weight so I got moved down to 40mg. Hope I helped (a little...) x
  11. Hey guys, I was just wondering how long it took you to notice a difference in your skin. I'm a bit paranoid about it at the moment. Even though I'm only 13, I've got v.bad acne, all over my back, face and some on my chest. I've been on Roaccutane for two months. I was orginally on 50mg but I lost loads of weight so my dose got changed to 40mg last month when I went to see my derm. My forehead and cheeks are improving (but they are still bad); and my back is still as spotty and sore as ever. I
  12. I have actually lost weight since starting Roaccutane two months ago. I've lost four pounds, to be exact! But it was my birthday yesterday, and my auntie made me the most delicious cake I've ever ate in my life, so maybe I'll put it back on... Who knows? Good luck with everything x