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  1. I am a sugar addict also. I do not mean this humorously, actually; at 20 years old I have been physically addicted to sugar for a while now. Someone recommended eating a piece of fruit and some water as a great remedy, and I tend to think they are right. Cutting down on artificial sweeteners (apartame & sucralose) might also help since they tend to make me crave the real thing even more.
  2. I know some people who aren't even acne prone who could break out by having the wrong oil touch their face. And you've HAD acne and those health spa idiots put oil everywhere. Ugh. I would have just eaten cooked food there - probably better for you than nuts for an entire weekend. Sorry to hear about the relapse I hope things get better. And by the way - why don't you look into tea tree oil instead of BP? It works better for me, and can be less irritating, depending on how you take it. Plus i
  3. Binging (with purge or without) is a form of eating disorder. It's an emotional problem as much as anything. If you can deal with your emotions instead of projecting them on to food, you'll be healthier in more ways than one. I speak from personal experience, at least. I recommend Breaking Free by Geneen Roth, which discusses compulsive over-eating.
  4. Hey guys, although I'm treating my acne internally as much as possible (major diet & lifestyle changes, which have certainly helped) I think Retin-A Micro .01% is the main reason my skin looks so good lately. So here's a question - I still am getting pimples, albeit smaller ones & just blackheads - and I want to know if I can use Benzoyl Peroxide. 2.5% during the day. I got the Clinique "Clearing Moisturizer" that is basically a moisturizer with 2.5% BP, and I wanted to know if it woul
  5. He (considering his condition) is probably already healthier than his peers. When they comment on how insightful, calm and serene the kid looks they don't now they're also praising the effect of removing sweets, fried-foods, chocolate, soda, ice-cream from the diet of a teen. At the same time he still needs nutritional supplements to avoid deficiencies. If he could or will be able to introduce greens, nuts and salmon into his diet, it would become close to perfect (variety and boredome aside)
  6. What a cute little boy. That's inspiring, and it looks like he has the potential to get a lot better..... But in the meantime, I am a little curious, because it seems on first glance that you COULD live off a diet of tuna/chicken and a few vegetables. I am sure there would be some missing nutrients, but there would also be several others that are present. Right?
  7. Hey guys, So instead of asking for help like I've done in the past (although your help HAS been of great use to me, thanks, believe it) I want to offer advice on something near and dear to my heart. It's called Kombucha tea, you may have heard of it, and it kicks soda outta the park. The good thing about Kombucha tea is that you CAN ferment it at home yourself and, (after you obtain the scoby, or "mother culture") you don't need to spend any more money. I used to buy one bottle at a time for $
  8. Although the fat in Larabars is certainly good for you, it can't replace the fish oil pills. If you don't like taking fish oil, might I suggest flax oil? It's apparently just as good in regards to omega-3s and contains some nice lignans to boot.
  9. Do you mean "veal" Arthur, or is "veil" a different kind of meat? The smell of bacon cooking in the morning makes me nauseous. My post-Thanksgiving breakfast was nearly ruined by my relative whipping up a pan full of greasy, foul-smelling big. Gross. I am a bowl of contradictions in regards to eating pigs. On one hand I feel like they are very cute (sometimes) and intelligent, on the other I feel that the meat is very unclean. And no, that's not according to my religion - it's just my perso
  10. I ate cheese for the first time in months. It left me with a bad after taste. Then I ate a ton of vegetables for dinner, since my relatives have no concept of vegetarian cooking and they just had your classic side dishes: green beans, sweet potatoe casserole, cranberry sauce, salad. So I made up for how hungry I was by eating three different kinds of pie: pumpkin, chocolate pecan, and mincemeat. (No ice cream or whipped cream though.) and a lot of cookies and Russel Stover chocolates. Sugar
  11. I think it also helps to put things in perspective. It's been my experience that, while obsessing about my skin, others often said "you know, it really isn't THAT bad...." your acne is just a small part of the way you look, and although it might hurt, it doesn't define you.
  12. If there is only one thing I have learned about nutrition in the past year, it's that if you can just stick to eating whole foods, or foods in a natural state, you don't have to think about nutrition very much, if at all. While everyone else is worried about carbs, or protein, or fat - you can just enjoy eating whole foods and ignore the current dietary fads, enjoy your food, and enjoy better health as a result. Fruit is good. Eat the fruit itself whole in normal portions and you don't have to
  13. It sounds like you have my problem, exactly. I eat very healthfully but then I get these strong cravings for sweets like cookies, chocolate, and (soy) icecream. Once I eat these foods it's like I can't stop, the sweetness is addictive and I always end up feeling guilty aftewards. My advice is what I myself try to do: just keep at it, and they will go away. Someone recommended fruit + water to me as a great way to get rid of sweet cravings, but part of having a craving in the first place is seei