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  1. Worse product ever tried

    This was terrible... I used it on my smallish/hard cysts at night and in the next morning they were bigger and more painful and for the small spots where I put the treatment on they were turning into cysts!! Bad product going to return. Don't even try the mario badescu acne line.. broke me out with cysts (which I was trying to clear with this product) terrible brand for my skin. I have acne/sensitive/oily skin.
  2. Acne is such a pain. For me I went down the dermatologist road.. had my acne clear up from Minocycline, then after off it I went on birth control and acne was worse then ever. I went back on Minocycline and decided to get off it and clear my skin myself. My current state of my skin is a lot of hyperpigmentain, redness, and mild/moderate acne. Right now trying to focus on the right skin care( currently using the Mario Badescu's acne kit..so far its ok, I've been breaking out a little but it's onl
  3. Wow congrats, skin looks great! I'm also a true believer in drinking water!
  4. Oh ok, yep they are up now! Thanks for the reply!
  5. I agree from the response above, you are very young and your acne could be from puberty. I was on Minocycline twice and let me tell you it's only a short fix. I was 19 when I went on it and it did clear up my acne and my skin looked great! (for me it took 3 months to kick in). I was also on a high dose 100mg twice a day for 6 months..which was long for any antibiotic! Fast forward a year my skin blew up worse than the first time from being put on birth control.. terrible idea my skin was not bad
  6. I just started reviewing a handful of products that I like/ didn't like for my skin yesterday and none of them are showing up. For me they are when I'm in my account but when I log out of my account and look up a product I've reviewed it's not showing up. Wondering if anyone had/has this issue?
  7. Worst cleanser for acne prone skin

    I started using this product when I had pretty bad red/ inflamed moderate acne. I had a mix of whiteheads and some cysts. I researched into lush and decided this one would be a good match and so did the employees because how sensitive and calming it is with the calamine. Boy was I wrong! I used this for a week and looking back now that was the worst thing I could of used to wash my face! Every time I used it I always felt a film over my face like it wasn't washed off fully. Even with a toner it
  8. Jenbra

    Short time fix

    Short time fix

    When my skin go bad for the first time in my life so I went to a local dermatologist. When she first saw me she prescribed this antibiotic along with Epiduo. It took 3 months for me to see results. And the results were great I had and clear skin and skin looked glowing for the first time! I was so happy and pleased the only thing is that my dermatologist gave me such a high dose 200mg a day and had me on for 6 months which was long for any antibiotic! It killed all my bacteria in my intestine..
  9. Not strong enough

    When I was using this at the time I had pretty moderate acne with some small cysts. I used it as a spot treatment and used up half of the bottle up an was ehh about it. For me it was ok didn't irritate my skin but didn't really do much for my spots. I felt like it took forever for the pimples/cysts to go away when using it. The only thing I liked about it was that it made my spots less red. But other than that it wasn't great for me.
  10. Jenbra

    Good toner

    Good toner

    This toner really helped my skin when it was at its worse. I had some bad moderate acne/cystic acne and now it's getting milder. My only complaint is that it was drying but that was probably was from me not moisturizing at that time. I stopped using it because I wanted to adventure out to try a skincare line and with consistent products. But I may pick it up again for when summer hits. Overall I do recommend this for acne/oily/sensitive skin!
  11. Left residue and caused acne

    I really wanted to like this product but I really hated it for my skin. In fact it made my skin worse. The only positive was that my skin looked less red because of the calamine. I still had existing acne/cystic acne and it did nothing for it but made it worse. It clogged my pores and was terrible to wrinse off.. I always felt residue left over even with a toner. Just bad all over for me.
  12. I'll pass

    I was using this moisturizer along with Cetaphil's DermaControl forming cleanser. I was iffy with this moisturizer and would use it off and on. I wasn't moisturizing my face for the a while and my face got bone dry. I decided to give this moisturizer a chance and use it daily. Well later on in found out it was the cause of my break outs at the time. I cut the moisturizer out and my break outs did decrease. Moisturizers are a hit or miss for me and are mainly misses.. so I'm still on the hunt for
  13. It's ok

    My dermatologist recommend this along with the moisturizer to use along with my prescribed creams. I understand why she recommend this because it's a basic, gentle forming cleanser that wont cause any reactions with my prescribed creams. I had to take a break from the creams because they weren't reacting well with my skin. So for the mean time I've been using this Cetaphil DermaControl line. For me the cleanser did nothing besides just clean the oil off my face (which it states it does), but it