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  1. Hey just to let you know i am firmly anti dairy. Milk today contains all sorts of antibiotics, growth hormones (hormones may affect your acne condition) and steroids. All these are added to make the cows less resistant to disease, produce more milk and in short make them more efficient in producing milk (i.e. more $$$$ for the dairy companies). So i urge you to stop taking milk. Well as for substitutes ... milk is mainly taken for it calcium and protein .... right? ... well you can get your dail
  2. well my current diet plan fits your description of the perfect diet for acne 1) lot of water approx 3 litre per day 2) lot of veg, many diff types and 3~4 portion of fruits daily 3) absolutely no dairy products. I believe that the general public have been brainwashed into thinking that milk is a good food when it is in fact filled with all sorts of growth hormones (apparently affects acne in some people), steroids and antibiotics. It has also been shown that milk actually extracts the calcium fr
  3. STILL ON DAY61 Was able to throw out all the junk from my fridge, was tempted to snack on some oreos and pineapple tarts though ... glad my will power won ... *IN YOUR FACE OREOS AND PINEAPPLE TARTS* muahaha ... got carried away there.... sorry. Finished Lunch and Dinner basically had the same thing at both meals. Did snack on some Sunsweet prunes in between though. Anyway i am glad i got through it (I know at the end of the day it will help if not my acne my general well being.) I have deci
  4. Hey guys just FYI oratane is the same as accutane its just one of the generic versions. Anyways my 1st course on Isotretinoin i took oratane cleared my skin completely, too bad it did not last. I am currently on my second course, taking Rocaccutane now however.
  5. DAY 61 F**K woke up with a terrible backache today did not get a goodnights sleep at all *sighs*. Had to skip breakfast and do a brunch instead. Goodnews is as usual the backache is got after my morning shower (could be the position in which i was sleeping ....hope it was not accutane induced). Anyways the acne above my right eyebrow is not sore anymore .... my face is still feeling a lil tight after washing but not dry/flaky upon inspection ... hmm. Overall my face looks great (its relative).
  6. Wow you look great. Congrats on finding a regimen that works for you. You have really nice eyes and a pretty girl next door look lol. You kinda remind me of Dido ... hmm.
  7. hey all thanks for the replies. BTW I just started my accutane log in the 'accutane log' section (duh lol). Would be gald if you guys can have a look at it and input any comments if you have any. Well i feel better knowing that i am not the only person cursed with a relapse. Feeling better and more confident going into my second (and hopefully last) course of accutane. Thks again and all the best. Bye
  8. Hey just to add i am 52Kg at 1.8m a bit on the skinny side. Also I will be removing the Zinc supplement from my initial diet plan (thks unnamed) apparently it may affect the accutane absorption I will have talk to my derm about this. Anyways anyone took Zinc supplements whilist on accutane?
  9. Hey I was just reading your log/blog and was really glad i did. I am starting my second course on accutane (was not one of the luck ones). Thanks for the info on the Zinc and vitamin E i will stay clear of them I was about to include zinc into my diet. Anyway i know what you are going through, but trust me my 1st course on accutane did wonders for my skin, even though I am sufferring from a relaspe now its not as bad as before. Also I think once your active acnes are healed you may want to look
  10. Starting this log to basically track how well i am doing. Also i hope this will help anyone who reads this (especially those . I will try to be as detailed as possible in my log, also it would be great if people can help point out any 'mistake' i am making, thks in advance lol. To anyone who is reading a lil about myself 1) 22 years old male suffering from mild/severe cystic acne approx 2 years back: suffered from acne on jawline, chin, neck area, chest and back. 2) been on accutane (o
  11. nairda

    Hi all

    Hi welcome I am new to this forum too. Great place lots of nice people. Anyways you can try searching the internet for an dermatologist in you area. I found mine through the internet or you can try going to a general hospital they usually have a resident dermatologist there. Anyways good luck and keep us posted.
  12. Wow interesting. Emm just wondering have you tried stopping the green tea pills just to see what would happens? I used to drink two cups of green tea a day, and honestly that did not help much. But could be that you are taking the extract form. Anyways for those who are going to try this keep us posted and good luck.