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  1. Yeah, honestly I can't understand why some people just can't keep their mouths shut. Tonight at the dinner table my mother brought up the fact that I had alot of acne... and everyone else just started staring. As if I didn't know I had it already... really what is the point in saying that. To fill in "awkward silence?" Jeez... and it was only red marks mostly Sorry that had to happen to you and everyone else here that has to go through it.
  2. Everyone here looks so beautiful with or without makeup! I dare not post now because I'm not looking so great at the moment
  3. I always get out of the house at 6am when there is no light... it sucks. I probably look horrid later in the day
  4. ^ To me they are because they are half the size of Mary Kay's... but they were only $1 so I guess I can't complain too much.
  5. I completely understand you. I cannot wear tanks, dresses, or anything that shows my back and/or chest. Even when it is BLAZING hot outside. When I do, I'd have to wear some sort of jacket and feel paranoid because it might slip to the side and reveal some nasty marks
  6. I didn't like the clean and clear sheets or the e.l.f ones from AN... I really like the Mary Kay's too because the sheet is large enough for my entire face ...and although all the sheets look nasty after use, it just doesn't leave it extremely nasty shiny like on the plastic sheets. I think removing some makeup is inevitable no matter how gentle you are because I find the sheets are always tinted with my foundation color afterwards.
  7. I stopped using AN foundation about a week ago and I've been using EDM... it seems to be helping alot. Since you are also using EDM I assume it's not breaking you out... How does Meow compare with EDM for you?
  8. Ohh thank goodness I thought the GMR was breaking me out more... I'm on my first week and I've got those lil tiny whitehead things which you describe. Hopefully they will go away in the next few weeks. Patiently waiting... :pray: I must say I love the complex 15 so far! It doesn't feel greasy like my old moisturizer and I'm not worried that it is going to break me out if I use it all over my face... BUT my skin is still a little dry (it's always been dry though) so at least it is helping mor
  9. I just received my order today Came earlier than expected! I got blue moon, magenta, sage, desert rose, steele gray, and angel eyes.
  10. Well let me see... back in middle school I smeared on light blue eyeshadow, put on bright pink lipstick, used blue mascara, and silver eye liner. I wonder how freaky I looked
  11. I've been using Nizoral for months (for my body though) and yes I find that it only works when you apply it dry and leave it in for a few minutes and rinse it all off. I used it about once a week. The past three weeks I got lazy to leave it in and decided it wouldn't hurt to use it as a wash... but bad mistake. After a day or two after I use Nizoral, I would break out alot worse where I used it. I decided to try it a few more times... and sure enough each time I used it as a wash I broke out hor
  12. I'm blaming the crazy weather around here for my dry skin now I find that my skin looks better without makeup when I have really dry itchy spots... because then it just looks completely obvious and horrible No amount of moisturizers help right now! I am eargerly waiting for my AN order though!
  13. Oh my goddddd you two are going to buy out AN And yeah Happy Birthday clear~
  14. I just ordered the eyeshadows too... Couldn't resist! I've tried to email them once and I never got a reply although everyone seems to love their customer service... but I still got free samples with my last order which is very nice of them What is the email everyone is using to email them?
  15. Whole Foods sells Dead Sea Salts in SF. I've tried them before, but I didn't get much results from it... and it is quite pricey for a few uses. The baths do feel nice though