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  1. Hey guys so I've done one month of accutane now and I went back and got my dosage upped. So I started at 20mg twice a day for a month, now I'm at 30mg twice a day for a month and next month I will be going up in dosage again. Things have stayed the same as far as chapped lips, peeling face, etc. I've noticed that the drug is now attacking my back also so I have been breaking out on my shoulders and back but that's always the first step. I was looking at my face closely the other day and noticed
  2. This last week has been a lot better, going in for blood work and a pregnancy test on Friday and getting more pills. The peeling on my face has gotten better, I've been using purpose soap to wash my face and some head and shoulders to control the dandruff. It's just mostly peeling on my arms and legs now.
  3. Hey guys so week 3 was pretty bad, insane peeling on my face, now my back, arms and legs are peeling, I have dandruff and I broke out like crazy. I need SOOO much lotion. But the headaches are gone and I'm feeling better. Hopefully all this peeling stops soon!
  4. Thank you I appreciate that. This is just really something I'm doing for myself to get a better self image, I'm very self conscious about it and my breakouts are very severe sometimes compared to most people. Good luck on your journey! This drug is no joke! Thank you!!
  5. Okay, so, rough week, my face started to hurt and then just started peeling really bad. You can't wash your face or exfoliate at all or it will just keep peeling. I have dandruff now and I have never had dandruff in my life. I've had a good amount of break outs underneath my peeling also. Some very deep pimples, a lot of dried out white heads and black heads are falling out, but also a lot of plain old white heads popping up everywhere. It's not just my face that is peeling, it's my ears and eve
  6. So, I went in and before starting the medication there are lots of things to do. You have to sign up on this place called Ipledge. This is to track your medication and pregnancy tests. For this medication, you need to take a pregnancy test a month before starting the medication and then taking a pregnancy test the day that you start the medication. You have to take a test before starting the medication also on Ipledge. You have to be on "two" forms of birth control (actual birth control and then
  7. Hey guys! My name is Kenzie, I'm 20 years old and have had acne since middle school, both of my brothers had severe cystic acne and took accutane but I never did. My acne is the least severe out of all my siblings. I have some cystic acne, and some scaring on my face and back. I have taken almost every medication, from regular face wash, to duac and Retin-A. Mono cyclone, doxycycline and tetracycline, nothing has worked! Accutane, also known as Absorbica and Isotretinoin is also used for acne