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    -Studying Graphic Design<br />-Animal Lover<br />-Trained in Latin/Salsa<br /><br />-Love to Dance - Love Clubbing<br />-Work Part time in Kindergarten<br /><br />-House Music/Trance
  1. SAY WHAT? ur single! Wuz up with it?-hit me up^girl!

    1. happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!

      i dont think that you should be depressed because other people think you have a disease. iv had acne since third grade and iv been made fun of it multiple of times so i just embrase it instead of making excuses. when i do people dont know what to say. just have fun making other people speechless whike doing it!!!!

      1. Happy Birthday!! you totally rock and are utterly goregous! acne? what acne? all i see is a model :)

        1. Happy birthday! Sorry about your ex. Youre better than he is. Im sure you will find someone who cares about you and isnt superficial like he is

          1. Hey beautiful, PM the address of that punkass ex-boyfriend of yours, so I can give him a Cali style beat down!

            1. Hang in there Tina, good things will come your way. You're really better off without him. *HUGS*

              1. I hope he dumps you He dumped me. I showed him what I've been so afraid of all this time. His first reaction was that it wasn't all that bad. Evrerything was going fine, we sat down to watch a movie, he asked me to get a beer and when I came back he was gone!! I texted his phone 3 times in 45 minutes before I got a message back telling me he couldn't handle it and was sorry. and Take care. =( I feel hopeless now. I'm not good enough for any man like this. Thanks guys but this is just ano
              2. Well no wonder, he's listening to his fuckin' friends instead of the woman he (supposedly) loves. :rolleyes: I'm sorry this happened to you. I've been down that road. :comfort: I wish I could lend more support, but I'm just as peeled as you are at this. And over email? WTF? The least he could've done is talk to you face-to-face. The last bit though, I think you should tell him. I do believe he really loves you no matter what "problems" you have. Thankyou Mortally :) My head is s
              3. I called him and we are meeting at my house in 20 minutes. He told me he met someone else. I will see what happens.
              4. green tea extract? I drink green tea but never the vitamin form. I will try it out though. Thanks!
              5. Cetaphil breaks me out! 1 that wipes off with a tissue. I beleive it clogs my pores up without a doubt. My face doesn't feel clean when using it, quite the opposite.
              6. My boyfriend of over 3 months just broke up with me. over email. I am a new member to this site but I have been browsing through here for the past few weeks. I think a lot of you guys are great at giving advice and making other sufferers feel better. I have developed cystic acne on my back aswell as chest. It's extremely embaressing and has only come about in the past 4 or 5 weeks. I wouldn't let my boyfriend see me in the light and now he is convinced there is something wrong with me. He s
              7. I am very sorry to hear that. I agree with the above post. Try to take up a hobby or an activity to keep busy and this may stop your mind from wandering so much. Broaden your horizons and do something different perhaps? A new job or people who you wouldn't usually don't talk too. It might open up a door you never knew existed. good luck sweetie. =)
              8. I agree. Depression worsens Acne. The stress builds up and oil glands are blocked. My face is breaking out terribly this month.