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  1. Just checking in again while it's on my mind. Been over a year post accutane. still pretty clear. just oily and scarred....i just need to remember what it use to be like and be thankful!
  2. Alright, I'm about 3 weeks post fraxel. Don't feel like telling a long story so here's the short version: Type of Scares: Mostly on forehead...what people call orange peel, deep and widespread on forehead, icepicks between eyes. Me: 25, Asian-Chinese July 2006-Level 20-whole face December 2006-Level 20-forehead only April 2008-Level 70-forehead only May 2008-Level 70-forehead only May 2008-Level 70-forehead only Icepicks between eyes are noticeably softer (to me). I'd say 25% improvement. Fo
  3. ok guys, just had my second fraxel two days ago. now that i now how many days to expect for downtime, it's not as bad. plus i'm doing forehead only so i can still go out with a hat. my treatments so far: 7/06-level 20 12/06-level 20 4/08-level 70 5/08-level 70 I just really hope that I get at least 50-75% improvement...it's just so damn expensive!
  4. Ditto, there are a lot of people on here who have had up to 6 with minimal to mediocore results. Your derm is either very inexperienced with Fraxel or just wants to make money.
  5. Hi, this is my first time reading your long. I completed my accutance treatment in July 07 and it was a typical course. My initial breakout lasted about 2 months but I've been pretty clear since then. I have some clogged pores and small pimples, but I think it's from my hair products. It's cleared up since I stopped using them. About the redness, I had the same rash-type thing (and I've never had a rash) towards the last month of my treatment and my doctor had me use an anti-itching creme (hyd
  6. Ok, I just scheduled for my second fraxel 2 two weeks from now. I just really need to know that this financial investment is going to give me some improvement!
  7. I live in NYC and I go to Dr Rohksar, I always misspell it by a letter, but just google him. He's in his 30's and very well known in the fraxel world. If you don't know about fraxel yet, please read the long fraxel thread. He's expensive though...but since you asked about NYC or Miami, I'm guessing you already counted on that. I chose to do fraxel b/c I'm asian and too scared for the other ablative treatments and don't have months of downtime to lose.
  8. Artlez and Satellaite. Thanks for the quick reply. Did you guys go through a cabin fever phase where you looked in the mirror about 50 times a day to check the redness and healing? Well...I did, I kind of freaked out on day 3 and 4. I just need to remind myself that 4-5 days is normal. How many treatments have you guys had? At what levels? And with which machines? Results? Nevermind Sat, just read yours
  9. Ok, now that I look normal... I had my first fraxel 2 session last Friday (forehead only). I didn't look bad the day of, just a little swollen and a little red. The 2nd and 3rd days were bad. I had a layer of darkened dead skin covering the treated area. By the 4th day, I could rub most of it off with a moist towel (if you're going to do this, I would recommend after a long hot shower with a soft towel and GENTLY, I accidently wiped too hard on the 2nd day and that part scabbed). It was only by
  10. Hi. I myself finished accutane in July 2007, waited 6 months before reapplying tazorac. I think it really depends on the tolerance of your skin. Towards the last month or two of my accutane treatment, my face was always pink (accutane "flush" ) so that's why I chose to not use Taz yet. The general recommendation is a 6 month wait for anything and taz or retin-a is a stronger medication...BUT if you're skin seems to have a high tolerance and is already clear, I would try it on a small spot and se
  11. I figured that out by accident on my first fraxel. I'm going to wait until tomorrow (my fourth day) to do that. A little's coming off everyday.
  12. Ok so post-fraxel 2 , two days now. Will definitely not be ready for work tomorrow which I definitely can't afford...but whatever. My doc said I could cover up with makeup after the weekend...don't know why I listened to a guy b/c you can't really cover this shit with makeup and look normal. I guess my forehead is covered with MENDS: microscopic epidermal necrotic debris...the new fancy term for DEAD SKIN. They're definitely not small brown spots. It's like a layer of dead brown skin. I'm trying
  13. Morning after Fraxel 2: still about the same. may be the light, but the "bronzing" looks a little darker. I have 3 small spots that are oozing a little. Not too worried about it, but it didn't happen with my first two treatments on the first machine. Is this normal? Obviously, it's a stronger machine, but.... My doctor just got the Fraxel 3, but said he was hesitant to try it on Asian skin yet.
  14. i think a good exfoliant could be comparable
  15. Just had my first Fraxel 2 laser today. This is my third fraxel and those were two years ago so I don't really count those. Level 70 and 8 ungodly passes. I remember when 20 was considered high. Anyway, the pain was alright and by alright I mean the first 2 passes were tolerable, then by the 5th pass, you're like seriously? not done yet? I mean...it stung! The pain was totally fine after 2 hours though. Slightly reddish/brownish. Weird texture right now. I'm staying in this weekend hoping I'll l