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  1. Does anyone do this? It may sound weird but I'm quite successful with extracting sebum plugs from my t zone. I have fine tipped tweezers that I gently rub across the pore that's plugged(top of plug has to be on the skins surface not under), I go back and fourth horizontally until the gunk comes out of the pore. This method is working quite well for me, does anyone do anything like this? BTW I used to try to squeeze the gunk out with my fingers to no avail and would usually cause the pore to
  2. I've been using it day and night for about two weeks and my skin is look fantastic! like seriously. I have been taking vitamin c/e/zinc/omega 3 as well as using bio oil.*
  3. i have been using it for three weeks as well, i think I'm seeing some improvement in my red marks but can't really tell or maybe my expectations were to high. Are you guys applying it directly over red marks or whole face? I'm doing the first. I will say that the recent acne marks are fading a lot faster then the old ones so that aspect is positive.
  4. oh and if you're against it please no posts telling me I'm going to turn grey. I've read about argyria and know the risks aren't high.
  5. Has anyone ever used this to keep their immune system up? or used it for anything else? I was thinking of taking some after talking to a coworker to keep my immune system efficient. Btw I work @ a middle school so I come into contact w/ sick students frequently. I've read some claims that it's great antibiotic so I'm naturally wondering if it might help clear acne. Info wiki hmmm thoughts?
  6. I purchased mine @ walgreens here in the usa. I rub the bio oil in my target areas, I don't apply it all over my face cause i'm a lil paranoid it might break me out(at the moment my acne is mild so i wanna keep it that way)
  7. I'm really excited to try this stuff, it should be coming in the mail soon ))))
  8. hey i've also been using this stuff for about two weeks, not as religiously as I did in the begining. I must say it seems to be making a difference esp. on very recent blemishes. yay! hopefully it will help my keloid on my ear some
  9. I'm going to call rit aid and see if they carry this. I really wanna try this!
  10. Okay well I used it last night, and my skin felt reallllllly smooth after, not as smooth as a babys behind but smooth. Red marks look pretty much the same. But that was my expectation so yeahhhh. So I"m supposed to use this no more than 2x per week for several weeks to see results. It's kinda weird it's this clear gel (think hairgel) and you put in on your face and let it sit for like 10 seconds then start gently rubbing your face in circular motions. About a min later all these lil balls
  11. so I purchased this product today and is wondering if anyone has tried it or anything else from swisa beauty to treat red marks? here is an excert from the website: "Vital anti-aging Dead Sea Minerals are infused with life giving anti-oxidant ingredients including, Echinacea, Ginseng, Rosemary, and Green Tea Extract. With a simple gentle swirling motion of the fingers, whiteheads, blackheads, and dead skin are effortlessly removed. At the same time, the legendary properties of the Dead S
  12. This really saddens me because whenever I am with another person I give them my full attention. I show and interest in them and in getting to know them more. I fully engage myself in the conversation and who they are. (Prolly cuz I'm jus' desperate for friends) But no one else seems to really be concerned with who I am when I am talking to them. Almost like they have better things to be doing or people to be with. Anyone else ever feel this way?
  13. in some ways it makes me feel better to. like hey they have imperfections. But DAMN some of the retouches make me mad. Why do women have to look perfect? can't they have a breast slightly larger than the other? does there hair have to look absolutly perfect w/ not one fly away? does there waist have to be one inch smaller. no wonder people have such shitty esteem we have to compete with fake bodies.