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  1. gawwhh I post the topic in the wrong area, could a mod move it to where it belongs?? thank u!
  2. For whatever reason I don't think nickel could contaminate water that fast, the water would need to be stored on a nickel made tank for a very long time, and if it gets oxidized only a small percentage would get contanimated in the water, and what's more incredible, you would have to keep the contaminated water on your face for a very long time. Tap Water vs Bottled Water Despite these seemingly alarming stats, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), which has also conducted extensive tes
  3. I have created this topic due to my incessant and never ending story with sebum on my face. This is not written for active acne users in mind, please refer to it as most things with a grain of salt. My story: I will give you a little bit background of my condition and how did I end up in here. It all started at 15 with small cysts, here and there, nothing too aggravating. At 16 I started developing a very oily skin, with this condition altogether I developed a moderate acne mostly on my cheeks,
  4. There's an over keratinization on that area after you shave thus producing clogged pores and small pimples that could eventually become painful cysts or nods, I would recommend exfoliation, either mechanical (scrubbing with a face sponge or a cream scrub/exfoliator) or chemical (AHA and BHA creams). Do this before you shave, and then shave carefully, you will notice a cleaner shave and no consequent whiteheads at all. Good luck!
  5. I would suggesst since you like to drink a lot, on those days usually weekends or whenever you tend to drink a lot, then to stop your dose of accutane or reduce it heavily to 20mg, you must do this with almost every medication unless is vital of course whenever you plan to drink alcohol. While I was on accutane I used to party on weekends nothing really happened, but since you stopped drinking for 2 weeks, is only natural that the next time you drink you won't be able to catch up. Now I don't
  6. To me it looks like you have a few very old acne scars over there, I would suggest before you do anything else, first is to clean your unibrow, then get in front of a window on a sunny day, and take a closer picture (put your camera on a steady surface). Reason to this is that scar treatment is expensive and takes a lot of time/research. So it's up to you.
  7. As my 2 cents, I have been using St. Ives Apricot Scrub Cleanser ($5), it comes with small red and round beads and also large, but much lesser in overall, white I believe apricot chips, dissolved in a creamy cleanser. My skin appearance has been progressing very much in this past 3 weeks since I got it, I use it twice a day (morning and night) combined with a lousy BP cream Oxy ($3) and a 1% BHA from Almay ($9), and I do get some lumps (2 or 3) but my blackheads and whiteheads had almost vanishe
  8. Not necessarily true, I know a girl who has such a perfect skin, and she has very low self-esteem, once I read somewhere that if you have a difficulty to express and share your thoughts with other people, you regularly get sore throats as a mean of defense to change that issue from your personality, I used to get them very often before, when I used to be inside my own shell 24/7, and I would speak with almost no one at all... but perhaps was just coincidence, where did you get that from?
  9. AHA's, BHA's and Retin-A + a 15SPF moisturizer will do wonders to improve the texture on your skin, you can use either one, or you can use the 3 of them at the same time, just keep in mind dosages as they can be drying on some skins, and also be careful with any BHA's or Salicylic Acids gels/creams as most of these have many irritant ingredients such as parfum or alcohol, I know Paula's Choice product are made without such irritants, but the one currently I'm using is the Almay Blemish Healer 1%
  10. I have been taking pills of 1000mg of Omega-3 each, the brand name is called "First Choice" it comes in a fancy box and says Made in Canada. I take 3 daily with food every day since Wednesday of last week, now I am starting my 6th day, but I have yet to see any results more than perhaps the oil is not as sticky but this could be wishful thinking, I still have a very oily face, and although I have not measured my ratio, my consumption of food is not that much hehe, although I do eat many food wit
  11. Although it wouldn't be active that long enough to do ANYTHING at all, personally I would recommend you that brand St Ives nor any cleansers/scrubs and some toners with SA they simply won't work, there is a certain amount of time around 30-45 mins in which SA&AHA's need to be in contact with skin in order to start working, you can find far better products than St Ives, and yes there is no harm using both BHA and AHA's at the same time, in fact if no excesive dryness present, you would find f
  12. I wonder if instead of taking capsules, could it work better or equal in a topycal gel? Because I have seen bottles of Green Tea gel before, well it sounds interesting I'm going to try that myself as I have very oily skin hopefully it will go away, arghh, I'll post how it goes later on when I get the Green Tea bottle