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  1. Thank you so much BA. I will get an appointment. The Sculptratherapy will also go on. And I will use the Derminator. I think, it is a great device and help a little. But what I don't understand, there are plenty of good reviews of derma rolling on pubmed. This is a med (not mad ;-) )-science-platform, and pretty serious. regards
  2. Hello Lee, wich kind of fillers do you mean? @BA...you promote always the Derminator...not anymore for medium Scars? I use the Derminator now for one year, also two Treatments with Sculptra in a Year. I see Improvement, but where I can get Infini in Germany? Thank you
  3. Interesting in this Study is this also: "To our knowledge, this is the first study using this combination of therapy in the management of atrophic acne scars and the first in which topical tretinoin cream was applied both during and immediately after doing dermaroller". I try to avoid Tretinoin-Oint for a week after a Derminator-Session. Maybe, we should change that regime? Thank you Petsme for that Article/Study.
  4. Well, i heard that microneedling is useally used in combination with Minoxidil, to transport the Minoxidil deeper. Greetings
  5. Sculptra will add more Volume the next Weeks. You will be pleased.
  6. Did you state your Opinion also at Realself? It is one Opinion among 100 positiv Reviews.
  7. Hello trompel'oeil, thank you for the research. But this accounts only for accutane-pills and not for a topic like Paula's Choice Retinol Products. What are your thoughts about that?
  8. Hello, I apply after the Derminatorsession (2,0) Infadolan ointment. Thought, this would be a good Idea. Beside that, 2 Days later I use the Products from PaulasChoice. Retinol 1% and BHA 2%. Regards
  9. So, my Derminator arrives yesterday. Well, I start at 0,25 and there was some Pain, and I think, whoa, what would be at 1,5mm going on? But the Pain remains the same at 0,75 and even at 1,5. But there was a lot of more pointbleedings, different to the light Bleeding after a Dermaroller 1,5mm Session. But only on the right Side of my Face. On the left Side I start at directly on 1,5. Both Sides are red, But the Bleedings on the right Side where much more prominent. So, are th
  10. Okay, I pulled the Trigger and buy a Derminator.
  11. Thank you Binga and beautifulambition. I'll PM the User "Wolkenbruch". I know something about Fillers, because I've got in the past two years 6 Sculptra Treatments. I run Marathons, suffer fatloss and looked gaunt. I had send the videolink to the Doctor who performed the Sculptratreatment and wait for an answer. This Forum here is a great Place. We all suffer because of the same thing, that happened in our Lives. Now we are stand together. Regards
  12. This is amazing. Can someone name a Doctor in Germany who can apply this Technic?
  13. Hello, what are your Opinions about this Study? "Comparison of Nonablative Fractional Erbium Laser 1,340 nm and Microneedling for the Treatment of Atrophic Acne Scars: A Randomized Clinical Trial" Regards