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  1. Okay I was on accutane starting in january and just got done with it like 2 weeks ago. My acne is totally gone, its amazing, but... im feeling really strange. Out of body, foggy brain, and nothing really matters... I was told depression would happen during accutane not after. Im acting really immature too. Jealous of people, and acting rude and overly honest with everyone. This all started about 5 days ago. Has anyone ever expierenced what im expieriencing after they were done with accutane? I
  2. you poor thing... that is horrible! you said you have tried everything...well have you tried going to a chinese medicine doctor? i have heard of people with wonderful results. chinese medicine uses totally differnet theories and methods that are all based on like the nartural elements. maybe try it! and let me tell you changing your diet is huge too! i had to go on accutane and..yes, it did get rid of my acne but after i was done with accutane my skin was so thrashed from the dryness that then
  3. Me likes..Deftones,Chevelle,Sublime,311,Muse,Zebrahead,KottonMKings,LB DubAllstars,TheCult,..phewww,,the list goes on and on:)

  4. dont do anything your not comfortable with
  5. so you think its hot girls that are hard to get? wow that IS refreshing. Things have completely flipped in recent times. Its like the girls are taking on the role of hunting for a man, roping them, and then taking them home. Its freakin wierd. Estrogen is a powerful thing . well your definitly looking in the wrong places. dont be afraid to ask a girl out in a non-bar setting. if she seems skeptical about going out with you, then good. she is the kind of girl your looking for. Girls like that ar
  6. Ive been having relationship troubles as well so I feel your pain. Jeez, its a tough one. Pretty convoluted. But what Ive learned is that every relationship gets to the point where those first feelings you had about that person cool off a little and its then when there are larger possibilities of getting into arguments. It sounds like you guys had some pretty typical fights. Most people in relationships get in fights- its a sign of normality really. But not every relationship breaks up because
  7. hey whats up. what kinda bands you like?

  8. Maybe her parents are just looking for an excuse to not let thier daughter date, because I couldnt imagine parents not wanting thier daughter to date someone with acne. Its a medical condition for gods sake! Thats just plain ridiculous! I can see how that would hurt you though. Acne deosnt define you unless you let it I realized and people that are really your friends know this too. You seem like a guy that has this figured out, its too bad her parents dont!
  9. yesterday i went on a date with a total stranger from out of town. we met randomly at a restaurant and were instantly attracted to each other so he asked if i wanted to go to dinner the next day. well i went on the date and it just ended up horrible. i wont bore with all the details of everything that went wrong but i will say that it was akward for most of the nite. i really liked him but i dont know if the feelings were mutual. i dont do dates very well. they are just too much pressure!! i can
  10. AHHHH dates are so fucking confusing. I hate them. I went on a date yesterday that was horrible. I would have loved for him to say Ill talk to ya later instead I was left with have a good nite.. im sure that was his way of saying ill call ya later