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  1. I would put a small piece of gauze over it at night, use medical tape to secure it to your face. That should help, and the skin could still breathe.
  2. The one I bought looks very similar to the picture, but made by a different company. I don't understand how it could possibly damage pores. I'm curious to hear about the article. If anything I would think my pores will improve.
  3. Honestly I don't remember the actual name. It had something to do with cleaning out pores. So it might have been something like pore cleaner. As I mentioned, I don't know what the long term affects will be, I've just started using it, but do intend to continue it as apart of my daily skin routine. The fact that it increases my circulation is reason enough for me. I do know that it'll keep my skin's elasticity, and keep it supple.
  4. This is so timely that I found this post. About a month ago, I was in a local drug store and came across this small hand held device which runs on batteries and has a small suction. The purpose was for black heads, or cleaning out pores. I actually bought it to stimulate my skin through circulation to improve it and minimize scarring. It has two settings...one side is oval and the other circular. I've been using it for a short while and I am happy with the results. I do believe the suctio
  5. I used a whole bottle of that stuff and did not see a single result. The exfol serum worked a little better.
  6. He is a plastic surgeon and he has been recommended. Just wondering if anyone heard good or bad things about him.
  7. I'm curious as to what kind of scars you had that you were able to wipe out with those procedures.
  8. I'm a stickler for detail, and so truth be told that discretus1 wanted a forum on Dr.Perricone philosophy etc and I had suggested a holistic health forum. Ahhh.
  9. This is so funny! Well Maya, just in case I forget to wish you a happy birthday on April 5th have an amazingly happy birthday and I wish you perfect skin! (I can wish whatever I want for you, so don't try to send it back!) /
  10. I've done several treatments on my skin with lactic acid. I've always done as the directions said...starting with small increments by leaving the solution on for a few minutes at a time. I gradually built up to about 10 minutes. The results were better but minor improvement overall. Well I hadn't used it since last September then a couple of weeks ago, I decided to leave the stuff on a couple of areas. I left on the lactic acid 50% until I couldn't stand it....30 minutes. I wanted to fo
  11. I was surprised that Bill M's scars looked so apparent also. Sometimes they aren't noticeable in movies he starred in. I'd bet money he's tried to erradicate them, but it does look like he has ice picks or something. I would also bet they bother him greatly but he just continues on with his life.
  12. Ashton does have a scar, but it looks like a chicken pox scar or something. It doesn't look like the boy ever had a zit in his life.
  13. What is Purcellin oil? Sounds kinda tamanu oil-ish to me :-k