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  1. Im no expert in scarring, but I can see your natural skin under the acne if that makes any sense. So I dont think it will scar that bad (if any).
  2. I can relate to this. I also used acne as an excuse to wallow a long time ago.
  3. I saw your picture and honestly I think maybe those guys just wanted a reason to talk to you? Maybe they never had acne so they can't see how it would be weird for you?
  4. I cant imagine trying to stop my acne by not thinking about acne. Id probably just think more about acne by not thinking about acne and cause more acne than if I was thinking about acne. adsjksdhagjks
  5. Awesome. I'm a huge fan of Modest Mouse, especially their early work. I'm more of a DOOM fan than a Danger Mouse fan, but yeah, that collaboration album is a goodie.

  6. My problem was feeling like I was the only person who needs to be there (acne anyway). That sounds really self centered, but Ive never seen anyone else with severe acne at the derms. In hindsight though, I used to never really look at anyone elses face, ever lol.
  7. Yes it is, and I see you're a fan of danger mouse? I heard him in that Mf doom album, one of my favorites

  8. Not gonna lie, I cried a few times when it was at its worst. Although seeing other guys cry on tv and such usually dries me up pretty quick. Something that helped me was, Im already at the bottom; what else could happen? Having some sort of severe looking marks all over my face, that form every single day, and when they finally go away, its still kinda there and you never feel the same again? Its already the worst thing (besides being handicapped, burned, disfigured, mental, homeless, dead etc.
  9. Yeah, the last school picture I took was my freshman picture. I agree about the pictures with friends though, one day you're gonna wish you had something to look at.
  10. This for sure. Walking down the street and theres only one other person ahead is awkward. Especially if you're a fast walker, I usually just cross the street haha.
  11. Awesome topic title, haha. I never noticed any difference by drinking more water, but then again I can never keep a routine of drinking it.
  12. Thats awesome, really good improvement in two months. I think accutane will work well for you.
  13. I miss school sometimes but more because of just being lazy/not wanting to deal with it that day type things. I never missed school when I was at my worst though, although if it happened to me again don't know what I would do. Couple weeks ago I saw someone with some pretty severe acne, but he didnt seem down or anything. He was talking to his friend and nobody seemed to notice. I felt a lot of respect for him. I wonder what it would be like if everyone who knew what you were going through, sa
  14. I always wondered if the before/after pics of the regular people were real or not. I'd always assumed the after pic was photoshopped or they wore make up for it. If the after pics were real though, kudos to them. Id be so stoked if I could just use proactive and have it clear my acne AND my scars/redness.
  15. Maybe they're just not not the right girl for you, like you dont feel that connection. Or maybe you already tell yourself in your head that you dont care about this girl, so you end up not liking her, or find things wrong with her and not notice her positives; kinda like Jerry from Seinfeld. I'm no expert but I really only felt like it could actually be love with the first girl I liked. Which I assume everybody clings on to that first one.