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  1. I've been away from this forum for a while now, but I wanted to come back and share my results with everyone. I've been using something called Nanocyclic Silver cleansing bar to treat my acne - FANTASTIC stuff. Cleared up my moderate acne in just a few weeks....has kept me clear for months now....using nothing but this cleanser. It's pretty expensive, but it really does work and I don't have to use any other acne treatments with it. No Joke. If you decide to try it, the Silver worked best for me
  2. I'm using Nanocyclic Silver cleansing bar - FANTASTIC stuff. Cleared up my moderate acne in just a few weeks....has kept me clear for months now....using nothing but this cleanser. It's pretty expensive, but it really does work. No Joke. If you decide to try it, the Silver worked best for me, no the Pink. http://www.nanocyclic.com/
  3. These strong peels (especially TCA) should only be done in-office by a professional. For someone doing this at home for the first time, please understand, you're playing with fire, an can do some real lasting damage to your skin. These "sink holes" are not some side-effect that's not to be concerned with. They may get somewhat better with time, but you do not want a face full of indentations. Or a face full of broken capillaries (red veins that show through the skin). Actually, it's illega
  4. I think the major objective in life is to simply help others. When we turn away from focusing on our own needs and desires, and turn our intention on helping other people in need, then our life becomes more full and joyous. The old saying, "it's better to give than recieve" really holds a large amount of truth. And in some small way, we're all doing that buy supporting each other here on this message board. It may seem trivial and unimportant, but your posts of support may mean the world to
  5. I highly recommend MD Forte II Glycolic Cleanser. You can buy it online from dermadoctor.com I use this cleanser twice a day and it's one of the best I've found.
  6. If you have acne, and your skin is dry...it's not just dry skin you're dealing with....it's actually dehydrated skin, a side effect of acne products. When your body is dehydrated you give it water, so the same goes for your skin....you need to use a moisturizing lotion that is oil free to replenish and rehydrate your skin.
  7. This is actually a very serious issue. Your skin is tanning because the BP makes skin more vulnerable to the effects of the sun. Tan skin may look good now, but you're doing unseen damage to your skin, and exposing yourself to possible skin cancer. Immediately begin using a moisturizer that has an SPF 15. That's your only choice in fighting the effects of the sun. It's essentially important!
  8. To my knowledge, there are no long-term studies about BP causing pre-mature skin wrinkling. However, many studies have shown that BP makes the skin more prone to sun damage. ALWAYS use a moisturizer with a 15 SPF before going out during the day. I cannot emphasize that enough. It's essential to protect your skin from the sun, but when using BP it becomes even more urgent to do so. Personally, I would like to see studies done to determine if long-term use of BP causes oxidative damage to s
  9. One of the common causes of acne are hair products. I suspect you're probably using a shampoo that contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate or Sodium Laurel Sulfate....both are suspected acne-causing ingredients, and are found in most shampoos. Dove makes an excellent, and inexpensive, shampoo that is free from both of those ingredients. I would immediately change your shampoo. Second, I would begin using a body wash that contains salicylic acid (sp?) to begin treating the acne on your back. At nigh
  10. I'm a licensed esthetician, and in my opinion, Dan's Regimen in missing one essential key element....Exfoliation. You have to understand that BP is a fantastic antiseptic for fighting acne; however, the side-effect from using such high amounts of BP is a build-up of dead skin cells that lay on top of the skin. If you don't exfoliate those dead cells off the skin, they continue to build-up over time and continue to clog pores. I always suggest that my clients use a 10% glycolic acid cleanser
  11. You need to begin using a good eye cream immediately to combat the damage that BP did to the delicate skin around your eyes. That skin is very dehydrated, from what you described....the wrinkles may no actually be permanent once you get that skin hydrated with a good quality eye cream.
  12. I've read many posts about people resulting in wrinkled skin under the eyes, and watery, itchy eyes. I have also experienced this problem, and this is what I've found. I discovered that after applying so much BP on my face at night before bed, during the night the BP would transfer to my pillow cases and eventually rub up against my eyes, causing the irritation. The only way I was ever able to stop this was by sleeping on my back, which wasn't easy since I'm a side-sleeper. But that's exac
  13. Dan, thank you for creating this resource of information and regimen for acne. I purchased two tubes of your BP Gel, and it's really quite fantastic. Congrats! I must tell you.....I've become quite alarmed when reading many of the posts, that people are experiencing what they assume is BP tanning their faces, and it's perceived by these posters as a good thing. I'm sure you know, that what they're really experiencing is an increased skin sensativity to the sun as a result of using the PB Gel