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  1. just updating....been using canus for about a month and a half now...and recently tried jojoba oil...not really the stuff for me....after i used it for 2 nigths i got some new bigger pimples on my forehead...so i think ill throw in the towel on that one....also tried complex 15 before that and had some success....found that even with alittle amount it still was absorbing very well and found my skin still to be oily....i think the main problem i have his oily skin....this is the breakout i have b
  2. HEY CLEAR....i just got my jojoba oil...gonna try it tonight.....mine is a pretty big bottle....just curious how u apply it since its very liquidy(<--not sure if thats a word lol)....on a cotton ball or just right on your fingertips?..and how mcu do u use
  3. lol yaaaaa....i dont think ill ever just toss it away...ive actually kept prettyyyyyyyy much all the things ive ever used....u should c how much shit there is lol....i should take a pic of what i have and post it in the thread for a good laugh hahah....u dont realise the products u have gone through until u c them all right infront of your face...its kinda scary actually
  4. ok sounds good clear.... i will give the jojoba oil a try by itself....my skin is doing better by the way....the canus seems to be workin out......its just my skin is not superrrrrrrrr dry...but when i wash my face it still fells kinda rough.....im thinkin the complex 15 possibly isnt strong enough at this point....thats the only reason i want to try something else thanks as always Ty:)
  5. thanks clear for they advice....ya there is 2 jojoba oil on that link so ill for sure try they organice one......do u think i should add some of it to the complex 15 to start and use them together or just use the jojoba oil by itself?
  6. hey clear....ive been thinkin about switching from complex 15 to jojoba oil for awhile but wanted to be on the GMR system for a bit first...its been about a month and 2 weeks....my skin i would say for the most part gas gotten better....i still get zits now and then but still better then before...however it still feels dry and my forhead still has signs of red marks and such.....do u think this jojoba oil looks good at the top of the page http://www.gnc.com/search/index.jsp?kwCatI...%20oil&s
  7. thanks spike .....ya i was thinking the same thing to about exfoliating.....but for sureeeeeeeee im not gonna use another product for that....i know clear uses a bufpuf....and some people use just normal washclothes.....i dont know what i should use tho...i know i dont wanna order anything of the internet because normally i can find almost the same thing at my local drug store(complex 15)....what do u think i should use......maybe some kinda soft sponge? and thanks for the tip about the vitam
  8. hey guysss...just updating my results.....i have been on canus un-scented and complex 15 for a month and a couple days now.....the pimples that i had before fadede away however till this day i still get new pimples here and there...and some parts of my skin looks kinda rough still u could say...like there is no pimples there but it looks not smooth lol i never had seriousss acne or scarring but my texture has always looked kinda rough i guess u could say.....i used complex 15 day and night for
  9. the best for me is a beautiful summer night...when the temperature is just right.......i like to put on my head phones....and just walk...no where in particular at all...just walk....kinda like when forrest gump just kept on runningggg lol....and while im walkin i just no notice things that normal people dont really take the time to notice....brings me peace for sure
  10. ummm i wouldnt use dove...actaully the only one i guess i would use is cetaphil...but im on the GMR...which is the goats milk regiment and complex 15 to moistuize...u should check out the GMR thread....its really simple and not complicated
  11. i used it for maybe a month...i had moderate acne....usually on forheard actaully t-zone in general.....i like the cleanser but the exfolating gel in my opinion is gross lol....smells pretty nasty...and leaves your skin kinda shinny...and it made my skin feel sooooooooooooo tight about.....i think the lotion is kinda bulllshit.....its like any other lotion u can buy...kinda heavy but doesnt really absorb well....and i found the spot treatment stung more then anything...i would use it like twice
  12. my canus UN-scented finally came today...fucken 2 weeks later...bastardsssss lol...ive been using the scented one for like 2 weeks now because thats the only one the sold in the stores around me...so wierd......ive been on the GMR for about 3 weeks now....skin seems to be doing better but still gettin new pimples every couple days....do u guys think its because ive been using the scented one?....or do u think 3 weeks isnt long enough on the regiment....anywayz gonna start using the unscented one
  13. i think u should read this or at least check it out...its helpin alot of people http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=141204
  14. ya np spike i mean i still have some pimples but there small...and i still have some red marks but not many.....honestly i dont even careeeeee.......im just happy i found something like u have said many times that is so simple...not worrying about using to much or to little of something and for sure not buying eveything ic lol even if my skin isnt clearing up completely in 2 days like some people are saying lol im just happy the system feels good and is simple....thats one thing about proactive
  15. i work out and i dont get rbeakouts from acne...if anything its better for u....u get better circulation which is key for helpin acne...if your worries about sweat just bring a towel and wipe it off...then throw water on your face after