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  1. I haven't been on for ages but its been about a year since I had 3 fraxels, face, neck and hands. No improvement on hands or neck. On the face, I had some white burn scars that I felt got improved, broken up so to speak. I don't think i got any collagen improvement, they were starting to claim that at the time when I did it. I used fraxel 2 with the blue dye. I didn't see any wrinkle improvement. I would do more at some point but I want the price to go down, and it would mainly be for the scarri
  2. I haven't posted in a while, but 3 months since my 3rd fraxel. Skin is smoother and some of the raised scars flatter, and hypopigmentation almost gone. I will have 3 more in the winter. I think you get results, my biggest complaint is the cost. Hang in there folks!!
  3. That's good to hear FF, and while it is still early days, a meaningful amount of time has passed. So the raised scars are the TCA scars? Could you please try to add your settings to your signature? The raised scars are from tca and skin cancer surgery. The last fraxel was with the new settings still using the blue dye and they varied from 40-45 with spot treating at 55 at 8- 10 passes.
  4. I haven't got my returns yet, but I'm wondering if the $1000 threshold applies to your expenses after previous Medicare rebates ie "out of pocket expenses". So after your first rebate you still had to pay $450 to reach the $1000 threshold, meaning the 80% rebate only applied to $400 of the second treatment (assuming you've had no other medical expenses this year)...? HI Tabula Rasa, I tried to send you couple emails but they never show up in my send box so I'm assuming you didn't get them. Ju
  5. I am one month past my 3rd fraxel2. I have seen improvent in texture and eveness of skin tone. The best areas of improvement are where I had some raised scarring. It is much flatter, and where there was some hypopigmentation with the scars that is improved also. Deeper scars or wrinkles not as much. Based on my results, I will probably have 3 more in the winter when it is easier to stay inside. My biggest complaint is the cost, but other than that I think it is one of the more effective treatmen
  6. I waited because I got excisions, but I think it's not that great to wait longer than 6 weeks. In one of the fraxel webinars, Dr. Rahman talks about spacing 2 months apart and how the overall efficacy is diminished. But that is 2 month spacing for every treatment. One time shouldn't be a huge deal... Zonk, I've had 3 and am 17 days past the 3rd one. I am reddest with this one, but the swelling has been pretty much the same. Majority resolved 2 weeks, still some microswelling between wee
  7. Check out my posts, I've had some small improvement in hypo scars with fraxel, will keep updating, I am 9 days into my 3rd fraxel....
  8. Dr. Garcia does not perform fraxel and is not a big fan of it if you look at his Q&A. I always am suspect of doctors who seem to really promote their machines over ones they don't have. Looking at some of his answers I have to say they don't trend with the results we are seeing her. I will be curious to see what others think if they look at his Q&A. Also, I didn't agree with this answer, because I think, at least in my case there is microswelling for at least 2 weeks that mask the scar
  9. I had the fraxel 2 with new settings (still with blue dye but new software) on Tues. I am redder longer than with the previous 2 at lower settings, but I also can see the grid pattern on my face more. There were less passes since higher settings (in some areas 50/10, but most 40/10-12). I could see some pixels before, but moreso with the new setting and more of a grid effect. Anyone else notice that?
  10. But everyone is telling me to get Fraxel for my scarring? Mabye you need more than one? ahhhhhhhhhhh
  11. I use eucerin cream. It's not as greasy as aquafor (which my nurse rec. and I did try), and doesn't cause little breakouts/milia like the aquafor did. It is heavier than lotions so stays on awhile.
  12. I had a pm about my tca burn scarring and how fraxel has helped after 2 treatments, and I thought I would post the info here also so I don't have to type it over ;-) : answer to 1st ?: the scars are more hard than soft (I've had them about 11 years) and white. I am very fair (fit. 1), so my scars eventually get white even if start out red. There are a couple lines that are continuous but mostly "splattered" if that makes sense. Imagine splattering paint. The worst area is on my left check area,