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  1. Ok, update if anyone cares. I would say definitely go for this thing. The red marks it left are gone and the skin where the blackheads were is smooth. I'm so glad I finally found a way to get rid of blackheads without picking or waiting until they become inflamed. Just wait until they are actually ready to come out, if you try to do it on the little tiny ones that aren't ready you will just irritate your skin.
  2. lol you sound like you are describing me. I have also been using that stuff for about 2 weeks, I have 1 inflamed pimple and a whole bunch of clogged pores. I am wondering if my skin might be purging from the BHA because I never had this many comedones at once before.
  3. I know this thread is super old but I got one of these things the other day and used it last night and I just wanted to discuss it a little. I did everything right I think, steamed my face for 10 min and it definitely worked on a lot of my blackheads, it was disgusting to see all that gunk coming out, especially on my nose (I got like 3 pores in one shot, it was nuts), BUT on my cheeks and chin it left some red marks like little bruises that are still very red/purplish today. They are very sma
  4. Is it still acne dysmorphia if you do have acne? I can't think about anything but my acne lately. I don't go anywhere unless I absolutely have to and even then I miss work sometimes because I feel too hideous to be seen. Sometimes I can look in the mirror and think that my acne is mild but then minutes later I feel like it is so severe that I look deformed. I pick and touch my face constantly even though I've been trying really hard to stop. I often make my skin a lot worse from the picking
  5. I believe you have to give it at least 2 months. Before I went on it I did some research and read a LOT of success stories but they did take a couple of months to show improvement. If your acne is hormonal I think spironolactone and/or BCP are your best bet. If you can't tolerate Yasmin maybe you could look into Yaz? I believe it is the pill with the lowest dose of hormones available and it has been proven to help with acne. I did try it for a couple of months and it helped with the acne but
  6. Have you tried or are you willing to try birth control pills? Until recently Yasmin kept my skin practically flawless. I think (hope) my recent breakouts were caused by a course of prednisone I took last month but I've recently added 100mg daily of Spironolactone as well. How much were you taking? From what I've heard a lot of doctors start out at doses that are too low but you'll probably need 100-200mg daily.
  7. Sorry in advance for such a long post obsessing over myself but I am feeling quite overwhelmed and I really need some advice. I don't really know anyone who has skin like mine and this is pretty much the only place on the web that I've found dealing with it that isn't trying to sell stuff. Please read on and know that any suggestions are very much appreciated, especially if my acne sounds similar to your own. I have always had very mild acne, mainly just a spot or two a month and blackheads o
  8. pinkshoeaddict is right, I was told by my doctor that pretty much everyone is infected with HSV1 by adulthood whether they actually get cold sores or not. Worrying about it is the worst thing you can do, the ONLY times I have ever gotten them have been when I was seriously stressed out although if it didn't scab over after 3 days I doubt that's even what it is.
  9. Please don't do this. Some allergic reactions are worse the second time around so you really don't know how you will react. You can't even know for sure that this is what cleared you up.
  10. Maybe look into Spironolactone? I have hormonal acne too and for the past couple of years Yasmin has been doing a great job controlling it but all of a sudden this week I broke out like crazy and my derm gave me Spironolactone. I didn't gain weight when I started Yasmin and I had pretty much perfect skin up until now so I would definitely recommend that first. I am hoping that I broke out this time because I forgot to take it for a couple of days actually. Can't say if the spironolactone work
  11. Yasmin makes my skin pretty much perfect while I still get a lot of comedones on Yaz. Neither one seemed to make me gain weight. Everyone is different when it comes to BCPs though so you really won't know if it will work for you unless you try it, but if your acne appears to be hormonal it's definitely worth a shot.
  12. It might also be helpful to say that spironolactone did nothing for me! I went to a great derm immediately after I started breaking out (around Nov 06) and he gave me 100mg spiro/day. I took it for several months and it did not work while Yaz stopped the acne immediately. My acne was pretty mild I guess, I would only have 2-3 large pimples at a time and some clogged pores but like I said I now get absolutely no acne. Before I ever went on Yasmin in the first place I would typically get exactl
  13. I stopped taking Yasmin after being on it for 2 years and I started getting cystic acne for the first time in my life. I was completely off all BCP for a couple of months then I went on Yaz in March and have not had one zit since aside from literally 3 or 4 closed comedones. I suppose I will just have to stay on it for the rest of my life, glad I don't want kids!
  14. There is no use in worrying about these things! You can't live in fear of another breakout, or of a breakup, or anything else that you are afraid might happen in the future. Look, the guy obviously likes you or he never would have been with you in the first place, so there's no reason to think you're not good enough for him. I can't say he's not going to dump you because he might, but there is ALWAYS that possibility, no matter who you are with you do not know what tomorrow will bring - you mi
  15. I totally understand how you are feeling, just try and remember that this too shall pass, and be glad that your skin has cleared up as much as it has You have to remember that when your boyfriend or whoever else looks at you they are not seeing that scar on your cheek or that pimple on your chin, they are seeing YOU, and if this guy is your boyfriend he obviously already LIKES YOU so there is no reason to be self conscious because of him! It sounds like you might have low self esteem, which